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PSX Rom Problems

  • I might be being stupid, but I'm really struggling getting any PSX roms to work. What file formats and sizes does recalbox support? What websites are people using for roms? Or can't that be discussed here? Please help! I want to play Crash Bandicoot and Tekken! Cheers, Tom.

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    Hello Tom, First question : Do you have uploaded some bios files into the /share/bios/ folder of Recalbox ? PSX need one. Here are some explanations : https://github.com/recalbox/recalbox-os/wiki/Add-system-bios-%28EN%29 For your second question, everything is in the /share/roms/psx/Readme.txt file To do all this, you can access your Recalbox by the network.

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    ... but you will need to copy your psx roms with winscp if you're on windows because it's often failing for those through the network

  • Thanks for your help guys. previously installed the bios. I've got my bin/cue files for the games I want. Is there a way to copy directly onto the SD card in Ubuntu? It's not working over network for some reason. Might see if I can run Winscp through Wine.

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    Big files, as the .bin file of a psx game, can't be uploaded through the web interface of Recalbox, but if you navigate your network with nautilus in Ubuntu you should find  your Recalbox with a /share folder. /roms folder is inside.

  • Amazing! Sorted!

  • @voljega said in PSX Rom Problems:


    Hey, I uploaded some psx games using winscp but having no luck. Have you had success with this method? The psx roms i have are .iso which should work..

  • @colking
    Convert you .iso to .PBP via PSX2PSP (works also with .bin). Make the game files smaller you can also combine multi disc games to one file.
    WinSCP is okish for smaller roms like snes but i got always probs with big flies for the psx too. Best way for transfer is still direct via your home network.

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