N64 Picture Size on CTR

  • hey, firtst i have to say: me and my friends had a great time playing some of the n64 classics like mario kart 64, bomberman 64, super smash brothers and stuff .... thanks for this great out-of-the-box system, and also thanks to the community for threads like this: setting up the recalbox at a crt with everything -> i wouldnt had any idea if there wasnt so much help on this forum! so i just want to ask, as you can see at this photo > is there any chance to get the 4:3 image on fullscreen? Playing PSX is in full 4:3 for example, there must be some lines i have to add, to make n64 core go full 4:3, right? thanks in advance for any advice, greetings ps sorry for bad english

  • Hello, in your recalbox.conf file, did you edit this parameter from n64.videomode=DMT 4 HDMI to n64.videomode=default ?

    ## N64 emulator is configured to display a screen with a 640x480 resolution (native n64 resolution)
    ## So you must use one of these video modes (DMT 4 HDMI,CEA 1 HDMI).
    ## If your screen is not compatible with one of these video modes, please check the recalbox's wiki.
    n64.videomode=DMT 4 HDMI
    ## If you are using a CRT screen, please change the setting above with this one : 
    # n64.videomode=default

  • hi, yes i did - otherwise there would be no picture on crt ... first time i tested recalbox on my flatscreen via hdmi - n64 picture was fullscreen 🙂 but i want to play these old games on a crt for the "real vibe" 🙂 hope there are other config options to stretch the image ... in all other emulator cores it is running in fuĺlscreen ...

  • I'm using too my recalbox on crt screen, and I don't have this problem with N64 emulator 😕 I add to play with overscan to have a full picture on my screens. But this settings was necessary on each systems, kodi etc...

  • hey, i was running on "RICE" ... changed to "N64" i get the full picture 😄

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