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RecalBox 4 Beta 2 Moonlight

  • I am trying to get Moonlight working.  I followed the Version >=4.0 Beta1 guide and pairing worked, then init appeared to have worked.  But after reboot, I select Steam in the menu system and launch it.  It launches and gives a black screen then brings me back to the selection screen.  I am using all the correct hardware requirements GTX970 and even Nvidia GFE 2.10 but can't figure out what the problem is.  Has anyone else had this issue and give me some advice to try?  Thanks

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    Hello @subs , he is on holidays, he will be to help you when he will come back.

  • @joshua-smith Have you at least configured your pad in ES ?

  • @Subs, Thank you for replying.  Yes, my controller is configured in ES.

  • I got into looking again today.  In the roms/moonlight folder is steam.moonlight, but when I cat out the file the file is blank,  should there be a sh.bang and command in this file? Like.... #!/bin/bash moonlight stream -1080 -30fps -mapping /recalbox/share/system/configs/moonlight/ -app Steam

  • .moonlight files are just "labels" for emulationstation. How the labels are handled internally is a different story. you should join someday IRC so we can do some live testing

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