Pi3 test 3 specific 0.78 roms for me please ?

  • Can someone with a pi3 test 3 roms for me please, see if they work for you. I have the latest version of recallbox and have just taken the working roms list out of my full 0.78 set. Most stuff now plays just 3 of my faves dont ! Can someone try them. This is the 0.78 set i.e default mame. Bubble Bobble (Japan, Ver 0.1) Double Dragon II - The Revenge (World) Wonder Boy Deluxe Just trying to work out if a few of the roms are corrupted. Oddly the mame set I downloaded of PBAY does not contain the mame078.exe so cant test on my laptop. I have tried a few links and most of them are dead. If someone does have a copy of just the emulator, I would appreciate it.

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    You can find all old mame versions there : http://mamedev.org/oldrel.html

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    Just checked the three roms on my Pi3, Bubble Bobble and Double Dragon II work fine but Wonder Boy Deluxe doesn't. And its perfectly normal for the last one because it's a child rom, it needs its parent rom wboy.zip, I forgot that in the doc, just added it in the doc and on my Pi3, works fine now.

  • Yes I tried that link first before I posted and 0.78 source and binaries links are dead, which other sites also point to. I'll get a copy of someone. Thats good news you have given me about the roms then I'll see if anyone has a different copy of 0.78 and then can whack in my dropbox. I got the one of Pbay which now obviously has some corrupt roms. Thank you for testing , I am getitng there ! I would of missed the wboyzip in my text fle so thanks for that

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    Strange I downloaded mame 078 from that link just a while back For mame078 I also have the one from PBay it's more likely you're missing a bios file or something

  • I copied the whole set down and tried it all before I started cutting back to just the working stuff from the list. Don't worry I'll work out what it is. I can always just re-torrent down the few roms and retry.

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