Super Gameboy

  • Hi there, is it possible to play with SGB Colors and Borders? It makes the old GB games so much better. That is a feature i really miss

  • I admit that I was thinking about that too.  The best way to accomplish this would be to create a plugin for the Super Nintendo emulator to insert GB files to a certain mapped location when the Super Gameboy rom is loaded.  It's a similar case with the Genesis game Sonic and Knuckles, only hasn't really been done. The other way is, of course as you mentioned, to add functionality to the Gameboy emulator to do so, but the coding might be more difficult as it would change the entire layout of how games load, how they display, addition of borders, etc.  Besides, this isn't actually the forum for the emulators as each emulator has its own creator and is pulled from their original locations (sites) to be combined here into recalbox. But I'm rooting for it!

  • The only snes-emulator I know, which emulates the SGB perfectly, is bsnes/higan. But there are a few GB emulators, which can add the borders without emulating the SGB.

  • Part of the problem is that one of the better GB emulators, BGB, is Windows only (well, Wine works too, but would need to be added and bloats the system). It would be nice to add an emulator that emulates SGB so fully and perfectly as BGB does, but it would need to be an Linux-based emulator.

  • So, would there perhaps be a way to get bsnes/higan working?

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