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  • Recalbox on rpi3 B+, I connect dualshok 1 via China USB adapter to 1 sony playstation 3 controller gamepad, square, circle, cross do not work and are not configured. I tried in retroarchcustom. cfg to change input_joypad_driver = to: sdl2, HID, udev, linuxraw. There is no difference. Deleted the autoconfig. Disabled as in the instructions: "If you understand the parameters involved or want to try using the SixAxis over a USB connection, you need to disable the ps3 bluetooth driver in recalbox. conf by setting controllers. ps3. enabled=0" nothing changes. In Lakka, with the udev driver enabled, everything works except left-right on the right stick, feedback works. On any other driver (sdl2, HID, linuxraw), all the buttons work, but there is no feedback. On a PC, the gamepad works without any problems and dances at all. What could it be? Here is the same problem, there is no solution in it : https://forum.recalbox.com/topic/19820/ps1-dualshock-controlle/9 . In Lakka and Batocera, the adapter works normally.

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    @Malahovtut In the Recalbox.conf file, the options you can change to test are:

    # -------------- D - Controllers ----------------- #
    # Enable support for standard bluetooth controllers
    # Enable ERTM
    ## Please enable only one of these
    # -------------- D1 - PS3 Controllers ------------ #
    ##Enable PS3 controllers support
    ## Choose a driver between bluez, official and shanwan
    ## bluez -> bluez 5 + kernel drivers, support official and shanwan sisaxis
    ## official -> sixad drivers, support official and gasia sisaxis
    ## shanwan -> shanwan drivers, support official and shanwan sisaxis

    I recommend leaving the option "controllers.ps3.enabled=1" like this, and trying to change the drivers (bluez, official, shanwan) on the line (restart before each test):
    "controllers.ps3.driver ="

    It shouldn't influence, but, if it doesn't work, test by changing the line "controllers.bluetooth.ertm =" to 0.

  • No, the matter is different, the new version will fix it. https://gitlab.com/recalbox/recalbox/-/issues/1481

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