Problems when try to copy or extract a game that has subfolders to roms, subfolders are created, but are empty.

  • Hello,

    I'm new to Recalbox, but this problem is reproducing too much.

    I have a 512GB sd card and another 32 GB. Normally in the 512GB, I copy my roms to the Recalbox Share partition, the rom folder. And some games have a subfolder in it, or when I try to copya theme folder. The main files are copied, but all the subfolders are created but without the files, they are empty.

    To overcome this I have to open the subfolder, and copy the correcty files directly to that subfolder, otherwise the files are not persisted.

    I faced this problem first when I tried to copy all my files from 32 GB sd card, to the new 512 GB.

    The only difference I found was that the 32GB sd has all the partitions formated to FAT32, and in the new 512GB, the share partition is formated to extFAT. It's already documented that it's correctly for sd card with big space allocated.

    Does anyone faced this problem? Is it a bug? How can I resolve it?

    I using Windows 10, and my HardDisk are in NTSF

    Note: files copied or extracted to share/roms/<system>/ are fine, the problem is a subfolders after <system> like share/roms/<system>/hacks/englishtranslated for example. hacks and englishtranslated are created, but there's no file into hacks or into englishtranslated, there's only files into <system>.

    It's a mess when I'm presented to this...

    Thank you!

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    @maioni What is your hardware?
    What's your version of Recalbox (say the version, don't say "the last one")?
    Did you build your Recalbox yourself, or download a ready-made image from the internet, or did you buy everything ready?
    How are you trying to transfer to the SD card? Using an adapter? Over the network via SSH? Are you sure the problem is not with the adapter or your network?
    Are you sure that the problem is not your 512 GB SD card?
    SD cards must be quality and class 10, or you will face several problems ...

    I must inform you that the Recommended is to use Recalbox on a small SD card (8gb for example), and to use a pendrive or external HD to store the ROMS and other things.
    Maybe it will help you:

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