"Updates games list" missing

  • Hello, sorry if this is the wrong place to post but it seems like hardly anyone looks at the English troubleshooting forum. The manual on the wiki, under adding your games, says:

    To refresh the game library, go to the Menu, then Games Settings then Update Games Lists

    However, this "Update games lists" option does not appear anywhere under Games Settings for me. I am using 3.3 beta 17. Can someone please help me understand this? I'm looking for this setting because I seem to have a problem where Recalbox only sees the ROMs I add for one system at a time. I have currently added ROMs for the NES and SNES. All are in the proper directories and have the proper file extensions. However, I can't get Recalbox to "see" both the NES and SNES games at the same time. If it sees the SNES games, it shows no games at all for the NES, and vice versa.

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    Update game list has been introduced in 4.0.0 beta1 I think

  • Yes indeed 4.0.0 only

  • Yep, I figured out it's only in 4.0. Can I suggest the wiki manual be updated since it says 3.3.x but it mentions features only in 4.0? Would love to run 4.0.0 but as long as it has bugs with 8BitDo Bluetooth controllers I will be sticking to 3.3. Thanks for the replies!

  • I am on version installed through NOOBS and I still don't see this option. Isn't newer than 4.0.0?

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