7.1.1 Doesn't Update Games List

  • In the 6.x versions, when I removed roms from their folders and rebooted my Pi, the listing of games for that console would automatically be updated so that the removed games are no longer shown.
    In 7.1.1 when I removed the games that came with the installation and rebooted Recalbox, the games are still listed on the screen (and obviously not playable).

    How do get 7.1.1 to automatically update its screen listing of games when I remove them from their room folders?

  • Same problem, impossible to reproduce, very random behavior, but I have noticed, in my case, that in more frequent when a romset is scraped with Skraper program, then some not detected games are scraped with Recalbox internal scraper. Maybe some inconsistency due two (or maybe more) tools when scraping, causes this problem.

    Reported from Raspberry Pi 3b+ and Raspberry Pi 400

  • @Claudio-Cortes Mine is a fresh install on a brand new 32GB micro SD memory card on a brand new Pi 4.

    Once I installed Recalbox and noticed all the pre-installed games. I connected my Pi to my network and removed all the ROM files from their rom folders as I am a veteran Recalbox user.

    Once I rebooted my Pi4, I expected the gaming consoles to disappear on the screen assuming the behavior would be the same as the 6.x version, but instead they remained with the listing of the deleted games in them..

    I hope the response I get is that now we have to edit gameslist.xml file manually to update what we delete from the rom folders.

  • I am veteran too. You stop emulationstation through SSH with "/etc/init.d/S31emulationstation stop" before remove roms? Remember that gamelist structure is remaining in memory so, you need to unload emulation station from memory before delete roms or edit gamelist.

  • @Claudio-Cortes

    Never in my life, I have ever done the SSH step before removing ROMs.

    Yes, I understand that the gameslist file is going to get bloated with games that I no longer have in the folder, but never experienced any performance issues doing this way.

    As I mentioned earlier. Real simple and easy in the past to simply delete the rom files from their respective folders, reboot and the deleted games no longer appear on the screen. If I deleted all the games in the folder and rebooted. Then the game console title would not appear at all which helped reduce the clutter of consoles from games I don't have at all.

    I'm going to edit the gameslist as a test to see if removing it from there will solve the problem. I am also going to re-scrape to see if that solves the issue.

  • I have the same problem, every time I start I have to update the list of games if there are no systems and games that I already deleted, I noticed that even changing the recalbox update from stable to custom when restarting does not save. Aside from the conflict with the shaders, when selecting from the advanced menu of the emulators and returning to no scanlines, it is superimposed on the ones I put in the retroarch.

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  • @Zing said in 7.1.1 Doesn't Update Games List:

    @tdelios @PpkSlayer Read this:


    I read the thread you gave. Overall, it reads as it is a bug.
    Any idea if the fix will go out on the next update and when that update will be?

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    @tdelios Yes, it is a bug that has already been reported, the developers are working on it, but there are no set dates, it is necessary to wait and, for now, update the gamelist by other methods when this happens.

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