File transfer roms directly to microsd card. It works.

  • (Didn't see any mention of this, so making a post)

    • Used Raspberry pi Imager v1.4 to make Recalbox 7.1.1-Reloaded (Pi 4/pi 400) (released: 29.11.2020) version to microsd card
    • Put it in the Raspberry pi 4 b 8gb to let it configure it
    • Pop the microsd into my windows 10 laptop
    • Go to disk management
    • See the "share" portion in the microsd drive
    • Right click it, and select "change drive letter and paths..."
    • Press "Add..."
    • "Assign the following drive letter:" should be selected automatically. Then press "ok".

    Then you should have a "share" drive, where you can add roms & stuff (tried 2 PS1 games and they worked).

    If this works for everybody, maybe add this info to the manual so people would have an easier time : )

    (2 pictures to show, how to make it and how it looks after it)

    stage 1.d_1.jpg
    stage 2_1.jpg

    p.s I made the same post in "Home / International / Troubleshooting / Recalbox General". If there's somebody who could delete that post, would appreciate it (I can't, for some reason).

  • (I did put some roms in there before doing that. Through 2 ethernet cables in modem, connected to raspberry pi & win 10 laptop, using the "recalbox manager" web browser

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