Recalbox 7.0.1: Options on MAME?

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    I've really not as much knowledge as much others here. But what I notice is, that MAME often raises questions. So do I have questions.

    I very often read that Mame 0.78 is very old and somehow "outdated". I don't know. But if so, why does the Recalbox team stay on this "outdated" version? There may be for sure a reason, right?

    In the Readme.txt file the the roms\mame folder one can read:

    Recalbox is using libretro mame2003 as default core. So, compatible roms must come from a 0.78 mame romset
    Are also included in Recalbox:
    - libretro core mame2000: 0.37b5 mame romset
    - libretro core mame2010 (not available on rpi0/1): 0.139 mame romset
    - libretro core mame2015 0.160 mame romset
    - librerto core mame 0.219 mame romset
    - standalone emulator advancemame: 0.106 mame romset
    So, if you want to use a core different of the default one, you must edit your recalbox.conf file following instructions of this page:

    But, for a beginner, that makes not everything clear at all, because the provided link how to change to a different core doesn't work anymore - probably due to the rebuild of the Wiki pages.

    I know so far, that I can edit the recalbox.conf file to do this job. Probably I have to insert a statement like mame.core= but which value I have to assign for e.g. Mame 0.219 is not clear. As well as if I need to add further statements.

    I researched really a lot how to alter the default Mame core - and did find only fragments of the whole part. I just don't know if I get any advantages at all if I use a newer Mame version? All together is somehow confusing.

    Is anyone willing to clearify this Mame issue - not only for me, but for other beginners - and maybe in a language beginners can understand?


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    @RK-aus-S To change the default core of a system just go to the Emulationstation Menu (pressing Start), and follow the path:
    Main menu - Advanced Settings - Advanced Emulator Configuration
    And, choose the console and the options you want.

    probably due to the rebuild of the Wiki pages.

    Exactly, we are changing the documentation due to several system updates, and to improve access / use for users.
    Unfortunately, I have no way of making a quick and simple manual for a "more complicated" system like Arcade.

    The most basic thing I can say: each MAME core has its corresponding ROMSET, and using the wrong ROMSET will cause performance problems and / or not even work. (Obviously the BIOS is important, but this is general, it is not something exclusive to MAME.)

    I recommend that you research more about it, I know that it is a little complex but it is not as difficult as it looks (although it is not as easy as the other consoles). There are several unofficial tutorials, even on youtube, and there are several topics here on the forum that you can base yourself on.

    My personal opinion: if you are not an Arcade fanatic, but just a casual player who wants to enjoy this system, use the Fbneo emulator, which also has a great performance, and is a little more practical. (Fanatics will hate me when they read this, as they care about details of each version of MAME, and which one has the most accurate emulation with the version they played in Arcades, but casual players don't care about that).

    See this link (it's in French, but just use the google translator)

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