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For information, Recalbox IS NOT compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 yet.
Pour information, Recalbox N'EST PAS encore compatible avec le Raspberry Pi 4.

The Recalbox Team.

Official recalbox 4.0.0 beta thread

  • Subs has confirmed that already in IRC yesterday 😉 @hogcia was present at the time, at least he was online.

  • Yes that is correct, this is the reason why my n64 games were not loading, the L and R were not mapped, thanks for your help Nachtgarm. Also want to mention that cheap aftermarket/Chinese controllers will give you nothing but headaches. My only other issue is that I want to install a new theme under emulationstation/themes but I keep getting the error below when I try to drag my new theme folder into it: The file is on read-only media, or the media is write protected. Error code: 12 Error message from server (en): Read-only file system I did see something online on how to disable the protection but its not working, anyone have any Idea?

  • Staff

  • Staff

    Hello recalbox 4.0.0 beta 4 is out : https://github.com/recalbox/recalbox-os/releases v4.0.0-beta4

    Update to moonlight-embedded-2.2.1 (but still displays 2.2.0 when running), adds support for GFE 2.11 Added enet library for moonlight-embedded-2.2.0 Solved a bug on xarcade where B and HOTKEY were sending the same event Slide transition by default in ES Power management switch support (power,reset and LED) for pin 3/5/6 Add ifconfig -a and /boot/recalbox-boot.conf in recalbox-support.sh S99Custom now trasmits its init parameter to custom.sh Bumped retroarch to v1.3.4 Add ipega 9021 rules Added stat in busybox Corrected favorite display in gamelist

    Please read wiki for tutorials : https://github.com/recalbox/recalbox-os/wiki

  • Sound in NES Roms is playing way to fast on Raspi 3. Tried all Cores.

  • My PCE CD games were working in Beta 3, as .bin only, but now they do not work in beta 4.  Only difference is I now have a pi 3 and had to reinstall everything, but moved same image over and now does not work.  Yes I put the syscard3 in the bios folder.  It is bold so I know it's there and is the correct one.

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    Strange, I have no problem with pc engine. because only iso with cue or bin with cue work fine.

    RECALBOX - SYSTEM PCENGINE CD ## Put your pcengine cd roms in this directory. Rom files must have a ".pce/.cue/.ccd/.sgx" extension.


            <fullname>PC Engine CD</fullname>
            <extension>.pce .PCE .cue .CUE .sgx .SGX .zip .ZIP .ccd .CCD</extension>
    	<command>python /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/configgen/emulatorlauncher.pyc %CONTROLLERSCONFIG% -system %SYSTEM% -rom %ROM% -emulator %EMULATOR% -core %CORE%</command>
    	    <emulator name="libretro">

  • I have yet to get an .iso and .cue to work.  that is what all mine are, except for the 1 that works and that came .bin .cue.  I am putting them in the pcengine cd folder.  is that where everyone puts them?

  • A little update, I was able to get .iso files to work, UNLESS they require the arcade card.  I have been trying to get Sapphire to work, as it worked on beta 3, but it is not working.  I put over non arcade cd game and it works.

  • **hello.**Pb de ratio d'image sur les jeux mame. Quelque soit le format d'image dans les paramètres même avec(ou sans) lintegrted scale... une idée ??

  • I am trying to set up recalbox for multi cd playstation games.  I found a tutorial online but it is telling me to edit the es_system.cfg file and when I look for the file, it is not there.  did it move in version 4 over version 3?  also, do we still need to edit it or are multi discs natively supported now?

  • Hi @rob. The es_systems is located in /recalbox/share_init/system/.emulationstation/ To which tutorial are you referring to?

  • Hey @Metzger130. No need to edit the es_systems.cfg The ".pbp .PBP" are present in it already and to swap discs, without having them as pbp file, needs a little adjustement in retroarch (as described in the Tutorial, which needs an overhauling), but I recommend the pbp method, since it's working like a charm. P.S.: Great Nick (German?)

  • Bonjour, Petite question. Lorsque l'on upgrade d'une beta à une autre, toutes la configuration n'est pas conservé ? Je suppose que certains fichiers de config sont remis à zéro ? Je pense particulièrement au fichier smb.conf Du coup avant de passer à la dernière beta je dois sauvegarder quels fichiers ?

  • Hi, with this Beta 4, someone run Street Fighter III??? What Rom and bios??  What Emulator?? Thanks Rasp Pi3 Recalbox 4.00 Beta 4

  • Yep. Running just fine on fba_libretro and the game I use is Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike (Euro 990608) and Street Fighter 3: 2nd Impact: GIant Attack (USA 970930)

  • Bonjour à tous Pour commencer (on ne le répètera jamais assez ) bravo pour le taf c super cool la recalboxxx merci pour ce bijou? Jetais sur la  4.0.0 beta 3 Et j'ai updaté vers la beta 4 Tout est OK sauf les configurations des joysticks qui fait n'importe quoi exclusivement sur les roms psx et bizarrement sur certains jeux ( gt2 marvelvscapcom ....) D'autre fonctionne à peut prés bien et pourtant j'ai testé avec différentes manette notamment ps3 et Xbox en USB mais rien à faire malgré des tentatives de configuration des manette Si quelqu'un a une explication ou mm une solution merci sinon tanpi j'attendrai la prochaine updaté Mes specs rasp3 recalbox 4.0.0 beta 4 À plus et encore merci Mes specs

  • @gyux Hello certains jeux PS1 nécessite l'activation du mode analogique de la manette dualshock.
    Donc lance un jeu, hotkey+B pour ouvrir le menu retroarch, quick menu/core options activation du mode analogique, et retour en jeu.
    Testes et redis nous.

  • Ok, thanks, but i check the roms that you mention and not work.....we need any special bios or CDH???

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