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For information, Recalbox IS NOT compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 yet.
Pour information, Recalbox N'EST PAS encore compatible avec le Raspberry Pi 4.

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Official recalbox 4.0.0 beta thread

  • Hi all. I did a clean install of 4.0 and updated it to the current unstable path version. I also am using a bus-powered USB HDD. I have an interesting issue. I am using gamelist.xml files and the related boxart created outside of recalbox. I copied the gamelist.xml to the rom directory. The images are in downloaded_images within the rom directory. I accidentally left the old image path in the xml file (~./emulationstation/downloaded_images) so I corrected the contents of my xml file on my PC and overwrote the file in the rom directory of my samba share from my PC. What was odd was that when I rebooted recalbox the changes were undone! Not only was the gamelist.xml file back to having the wrong path, but the file's modification date and time were NEWER than my most recent changes. It was not that the overwrite failed or never got written to disk but somehow recalbox had a cached copy of the original "incorrect" version and wrote that over the correct one on startup. I repeated the process with WinSCP, noted the modification date & time, rebooted and had the same results!! As a side note I know it's not related to me bringing in foreign xmls and/or images since I repeated my efforts with a different console romset and it worked fine since my initial attempt had correct paths in the xml file. Does anyone know where/how recalbox keeps a copy of the original gamelist.xml that it keeps overwriting with so I can clean it out?   PS - loving the new feature set in 4.0!!! Great work!!   Eric

  • Hi during the boot, ES load all informations in your gamelist.xml file to the ram. During the shutdown, ES writte all the onfrmations loaded in the ram to your gamelist.xml. So you must kill ES before edit your gamelist.xml files. You can du that by pressing F4 with a keyboard plugged on your recalbox, or using the command killall emulationstation or /etc/init.d/S31emulationstation in root access.

  • Bonjour, j'ai une NES30 pro connectée en BT. Lorsque je clique sur "forget paired devices", ma manette continue de répondre et n'est jamais "unpaired". Est-ce un bug ? à quoi doit servir cette fonctionnalité initialement ? Sinon niveau émulation je n'ai pas encore rencontré de bug.

  • Thanks for the help!!! Last question: Where did es_systems.cfg move to in 4.x? I need to fix the double listings for segacd and psx games due to both the .cue files and the images themselves being listed in es_systems.cfg.   Thanks in advance.   Eric

  • I don't know if this was asked already...   I've got 4.0 installed and I used the gameslist and images from 3.3 and only some systems show images. What would cause this and how do I did it without having to re scrape all the games?

  • @esmith13 it's in /recalbox/share_init/system/.emulationstation. You need to mount -o remount,rw / before @ivwshane the thuing you need to check in your gamelists is the path to images. Now recalbox can handle external storage, we prefer having scraping data with the roms, and images in the downloaded_images sub folder. Once your gamelist.xml is in your roms folder, edit images path to "./downloaded_images/XXXXX.jpg"

  • bonjour , j ai installé la version 3.3.0 juste avant la sortie de la version 4...zut.. malheureusement , la version 3.3.0 ne veut pas faire la mise à jour en 4.0.0 car cela m indique qu il n y a pas de mise à jour disponible. si quelqu un peut m apporter une solution   cordialement   benoit

  • Staff

    Cest pas possible de faire la maj vers la 4.0.0 tu dois refaire une installation entierement.

  • merci...c est parti....

  • Une question qui va sembler bête mais du coup maintenant que je suis en 4.0 beta, le passage vers la stable ne nécessitera pas de réinstallation complète ? juste update depuis le menu ?

  • @renaiku : par défaut la beta passera sur la stable, oui :) C'est prévu comme ca :)

  • Génial ! Par contre, lorsque l'on débloque les achievments quand on joue, il y aura un thème ou ça restera toujours juste une ligne de texte. Si j'ai bien compris c'est retroarch qui gère ça ... donc on peut faire des thème pour le menu que l'on fait apparaître in game de retroarch ? car c'est vraiment austère comparé à ES.

  • N'ayant pas eu de réponse à mes question sur recalbox v4,je l'ai installer et très vite viré car: -clavier qui bug pour rentrer mon wifi -Partition share qui n'apparaît pas sur l'ordinateur donc impossible de modifier quoi que ce sois,et apparement en lecture seulement. -je viens aussi de voir que le mapping dès manette deconnent, ainsi que xbmc tjrs. Premièrement comment faire apparaître la partition share en écriture? Le clavier qui écrit rien y'a que moi? Merci pour votre aide!

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    La partition share est bien en écriture c'est / qui ne l'est pas

  • I am experiencing problems with the 4.0.0-beta1 MAME078 core on the Pi2 which do not appear to be an issue running on a Pi1. A specific example is Rainbow Islands (rainbow.zip) - This appears to work fine on a Pi1 with the MAME078 core in both 3.3.0-beta17 and 4.0.0-beta1. However, this runs fine in the MAME078 core in 3.3.0-beta17 on Pi2 - but using 4.0.0-beta (MAME078 core) it gets to the ROM copyright screen where you have to OK it will return straight back to the ES menu and never get any further into the game. This may not be the only ROM which is having problems. Do others experience this issue ?

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    There is a known regression where BIOS/Drivers rom files with an upper case extension (*.ZIP) are not detected anymore at launch in 4.0.0 maybe this is your case ?

  • I don't know if this has been posted but text entry doesn't work in ES. When scraping games I can delete existing characters but I cannot type new ones. I believe I have the same problem with entering in the WiFi network as well. I'm using the rii i8 keyboard.

  • About the problem that @Dragda describes, I can confirm that Pc Engine CD games won't work. I've checked the MD5 checksum and it's the same as pointed on the wikia. Has anybody experienced the same problem? Regards,   Al

  • @al-t-garcia known issue : the filename of your.bin file must EXACTLY match the one expected in the cue file

  • I've a problem with a pi zero. After installation everything works fine, but after a reboot I loose the configuration: no WiFi and no controllers configuration available. On the black recalbox splash screen appeared some code lines about ext4 errors...

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