Recalbox PC x86_64 boot from emmc Error

  • Hello,
    I try booting Recalbox from my internal emmc but this command repeat over and over again

    "mount: mounting LABEL=RECALBOX on /new_root failed: No such file or directory Waiting for the root device"

    I had the problen in 6.1.1 too

    I have tested both versions of the boot process so far (Uefi and Legacy)

    anybody know a solution?

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    @terri123 I do not know if it is possible to install Recalbox directly on emmc I have not seen any reports stating that it is possible ...
    MAYBE, have anything to do with the choice of where the boot starts from? See if this has anything to do with it:

  • IIRC RB7 can only boot from an SD card. I'm not sure about booting from any other device (and not sure if booting from another device like an USB drive will be added in the future).

  • Thanks for the information.

    I installed recalbox on the emmc by booting linux mint from a usb stick and then use etcher to install Recalbox to the emmc.

    Booting Recalbox from a sd card or HDD or M2SSD is no problem . Only from emmc.

    It is not possible to find the cmdline.txt for me maybe it is not possible before recalbox resize the partition. And that is the point. It is not possible to resize because of that error.

    But do not care about emmc when there is not an easy solution it is not realy my first choice for install recalbox. It was just a test for me.

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    Maybe EMMC support are not compiled in kernel but in module.

    Could you post the type of emmc (brand, type) so I could check?


  • This is the EMMC from my Atomic Pi

    1713 3144927

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    Hi @terri123

    Currently, there were low to no effort to include eMMC as boot device. I took a look at our contributions, one guy made one about booting from eMMC.
    Unfortunately, it was left there for one year...

    Maybe we could include the support for next big release (7.1) I think.

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