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    Skraper 1.1 - The release is near !

    Hi everyone !
    I think I'm gonna have many questions here, so I'll try and respond to as many as I can.

    Why this is not @Bkg2k writing this message ?

    At the beginning of 2020, Bkg2k has given me the source code of Skraper with the aim to add new features and maintain the software with the changes to the API. After all, the software were not updated 4 months prior to the event. I have since added features and fixes to Skraper, taking us to today, and the release of the 1.1.

    1.1 ? Shouldn't it be the Beta 9 ?

    After some reflection, I wanted to mark the move to another developer, and thinking that the software was mature enough to go out from the beta naming scheme. As you will see in the screenshots, the beta mention will still be present in the app, as there can an will be breaking changes. But to make everything more understandable, I've moved to Semantic Versioning (The same as Recalbox). Every new update will be on the second number, and every structural update will change the first number.

    Enough of questions, let's talk about the features.

    Nouvelles fonctionnalités

    Screen Skraper #1

    We will start with something easy. The objective is to inform that this step can take a really long time. I've developed this function when one of ScreenScraper's servers were broken, and this step could take hours.

    Screen Skraper #2

    I'll now talk about features that could be more interesting;
    The total compatibility with the new version of Recalbox
    The normalized genres for the virtual systems, and the adult tag in the gamelist will be ready for when the update goes up.
    Also, Skraper now supports P2K (Pad to Keyboard) configurations to play some old games with a controller, where it was limited to peoples with a keyboard. Skraper will pull the data from ScreenScraper's server, so it's custom made for each game.

    Screen Skraper #3

    Next, since the last Skraper update, ScreenScraper has implemented a daily quota to limit the resources used by each user.
    This is still today not implemented in the Beta's 8 versions.

    Support for ScreenScraper's quotas, and errors messages

    Screen Skraper #4

    When you reach your daily quota, the scrap will stop automatically, and a popup explaining the error will appear, explaining why the scrap has stopped, and how to fix the problem, if you can.
    Every error code returned by ScreenScraper is handled.

    Also, the scrap interface has now two new statistics. First, the requests as seen by ScreenScraper, and the number of requests taken from the cache, as the old "requests" field is commonly mistaken as the requests made to ScreenScraper's servers.

    Screen Skraper #5

    It seems great, but when will it be available ?

    The update is currently being tested by a great team of Beta testers (<3), and if no bugs are detected, the update could be available this week.

    When the update will be available, the update is automatic, you don't have to do anything, and you will be on the 1.1 version !

    Skraper's future

    This update is my first as the main developer of Skraper, but it won't be my last. I still have many ideas for this software, some of them (Like the overlays Oops, I talked too much one more time...) will be available in the next update coming soon(tm)

    If you have any suggestion or bug with the current or next update, don't hesitate to create an issue by clicking HERE !

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    @redblueflame Whaou !!! Sound Good !

  • Sounds very good. Looking forward to get into this tools.
    I do not know if this is the thread to ask question, but it is related to the "Support for ScreenScraper's quotas, and errors messages".
    In version 1.0.19164 build #3609 Skraper give an "Http timed out..." , when you hit the daily Quota.
    I did this just now and stopped the current Scraping , as it would be like 14 hours to a new quota.
    Do not know if I shouldn´t have done that? It seems like it saved images in \roms\amiga\media\images
    but i guess it need to make a gamelist from the current stopped Scrape. Can that be done, or should I continue when new quota is up, and it will take into account that I allready scraped some today ?
    sorry is this is not the place to ask this

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