Install Recalbox on chromebox with seabios

  • Hi folks.

    I've already installed recalbox on my chromebox. I have fantastic performances with this device.

    But since i'm about to do it again (because i upgraded the ssd), i will leave this thread as a guide for you (or me, later 😉 ) to install recalbox on a chromebox.

    DISCLAIMER if you break your stuff it's not my fault. i'm not responsible for anything you do.

    Should work on any chromebox if you managed to have SeaBIOS running on it. Mine is a Samsung xe300m22 (xe300m22-b01us, the celeron verison B840) with 4GB ram and 128gb ssd.

    For this guide you will need a functional linux setup as well. I use a thinkpad with MX Linux.

    1. acquire the latest recalbox image available
    2. dd the image onto a usb key
    3. plug both the recalbox usb key and a usb key with a liveCD of linux (any distro you like) in the chromebox
    4. in the livecd, open terminal and run lsblk. it'll show you which device is your drive and which is the thumbdrive (you should know with the filesizes, or just google). here my drive is "sda" and my thumbdrive is "sdb"
    5. run the cat command to copy the content of the usb key to the drive:
      cat /dev/sdb >/dev/sda
    6. once you're done, reboot on your ssd.
    7. you should now be in recalbox.


    extend the third partition for more games space

    You can try the dangerous way : (i couldn't unmount the /dev/sda3 partition, but resizepart manual says it should work. this is untested.)

    1. access terminal
    2. parted
    3. resizepart 3 -1
    4. you will need to resize the filesystem with resize2fs manually.
    5. done

    Or the way i used

    1. boot into a livecd (i'm using mx linux)
    2. gparted
    3. right click the SHARE partition and resize it
    4. apply (filesystem should automatically be resized
    5. reboot and done.

    if you have any questions pm me (english or french) i will gladly answer i'm always online otherwise just email me.


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