News: Recalbox 6.2, or 6.3, or... well, the next version!

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    No date for the release, may be few weeks or months

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    Hello to all our English-speaking fellows whom we have been neglecting a bit lately! 😘

    So here are some late-breaking news about the progress of Recalbox 7.0!

    To make a long story short, we're in the final stages of debugging and improvements.
    There are a lot of new features in this version, a lot of bugs fixed, and a lot of small improvements here and there.

    I invite you to read in detail the release note here, even if it's incomplete, since we've moved to a private Gitlab repository due to a beta leak:
    Don't worry, we're still working actively to stabilize this release!

    For Recalbox 7.0 we wanted it to be as perfect as possible. So of course it's impossible, because a lot of things are not only up to us.
    But we have made our best effort, both the development team and the 20 or so beta testers, to track down as many bugs and imperfections as possible and fix them.

    Recalbox is a true major release:

    • Perfect Pi4 compatibility
    • New emulators (OpenBor, Solarus, Saturn, ...)
    • New libretro cores
    • Our EmulationStation has evolved to be faster, more fluid & ergonomic and more solid! It also integrates a lot of new features.
    • A faster startup, and a more user-friendly installation!
    • New update procedures, faster and more secure.
    • Tons of nice new features that will simplify your life.
    • Surprises that I can't talk about and that you'll discover the day of the release! 😄
    • ...

    And despite all this, we still have a lot of things, some of them already in development, waiting for you in the next version!
    Next version which should come much faster thanks to the new update procedure.

    We still ask you to be patient, Recalbox 7.0 is in the last straight line!

  • @Bkg2k

    Thats great news. I looking forward to the release.

    May i ask you, is there also an improvement for moonlight? Can we use a newer Version than GFE 3.13 in the future?

  • @Bkg2k Thanks!

  • great news!! thanks to all the team for the big effort!

  • very happy to read all these good news my NESPI 4 case will be very happy, good job, you're the bests , thanks to all the TEAM

    • Add new system: OpenBOR

    OMG , im so happy

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    Here is the complete RELEASE-NOTES content

    Less some features we want to keep secret until the release 😉

    Release notes

    Version 7.0


    • Recalbox system is now a firmware, more robust than ever
    • Brand new update system, easier than ever
    • Automatic recovery after 3 boots failure
    • Add Bios checking capabilities to EmulationStation
    • Add License menu
    • Adult game filtering in EmulationStation **
    • New sorting options: Publisher and system-name for all virtual systems **
    • 3 new virtual systems: All-games, Last-Played and Multiplayers **
    • New virtual systems per genre (RPG, Shoot'em up, Pinballs, ...) */
    • Region highligting in gamelist (highlight games from your favorite region) **
    • Add laptop switch external screen function only for x86_64
    • Add GameCube Bios
    • Add Nintendo 64DD platform
    • Add libretro mame for recent mame set
    • Add EmulationStation event-driver user scripts
    • Add Search feature and new Arcade-style virtual keyboard
    • Add Pad-To-Keyboard driver
    • New ngp & ngpc emulator focused on performance (fast) (libretro-race)
    • Libretro flycast also available on rpi3, xu4 and x86
    • Add new system: OpenBOR
    • Add new system: Solarus
    • Add opengl on Retroarch for X86(_64)
    • Fba_libretro has been renamed to Fbneo
    • New ports system with Mr. Boom (8-player Bomberman clone) ready to be played
    • CaveStory is now included and moved to ports
    • Prboom system has been renamed to Doom and moved to ports
    • Quake 1 game engine added to ports
    • 2048 game added to ports
    • Dinothawr game added to ports
    • Rick Dangerous game added to ports
    • Flashback game engine added to ports (need full game files to be added)
    • Wolfenstein 3D game engine added to ports (full game files go all in the same directory)
    • Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup added to ports
    • Out Run game engine added to ports
    • Add libretro's EasyRPG 2000 & 2003 Player
    • Add libretro's mupen64plus-nx, an improved n64/64dd emulator (rpi only for now)
    • Add libretro's scummvm version as an alternative to the standalone emulator
    • Add libretro's pcsx_rearmed on pc too
    • Add naomigd system for your NAOMI GD-ROM games
    • Libretro puae emulates amigacd32 now
    • Add native support of RetroFlag NESPi4


    • Bump Buildroot to version 2020.02
    • Bump KODI to Leia 18.5
    • Share partition is created in exfat on fresh install, which is easier to access from Windows computers
    • Improve internal Scraper (ScreenScraper):
      • Faster! Use your ScreenScraper's threads to parallelize workloads
      • Better! Lots of options, snaps video, and more...
      • Stronger! Improved reliability and strongness
    • Improve overall Emulationstation's stability & reliability
    • Optimize memory requirements of EmulationStation
    • Optimize EmulationStation boot time (up to 20 times faster!)
    • Bump DosBox to r4290
    • Bump ScummVM and map D-pad when no analog available
    • Bump ResidualVM
    • Bump Odroid UBOOT to 2017/05 version
    • Add 8bitdo N30 Pro 2 controller to pre-configured pads/joyticks
    • Add IPega PG-9037 pad
    • Improve pad processing in EmulationStation
    • Bump & fix dolphin emulator
    • Improved Genre & Region processing in EmulationStation *
    • Added missing texts into translated texts
    • Improved french translations
    • Faster-than-light CRC calculation for netplay
    • Game sorting and Jump-to-letter are now unicode compatible
    • Add support for nVidia proprietary drivers version 390 and 440
    • Bump oricatmos emulator on lastest version
    • Bump simcoupe emulator
    • Simplify emulator/core selection UI
    • Bump retroarch to v1.9.0
    • Bump retroarch-cheats to v1.9.0
    • Bump libretro-assets on last version
    • Bump libretro-cores family
    • Rename 4do to opera (newer libretro 3do core)
    • Bump Theodore core (add emulation of Thomson TO7 and TO7/70 computers)
    • Set vice_x64sc as default c64 emulator + JiffyDOS support
    • Add support for popular music formats in EmulationStation
      • MP3 files
      • High quality FLAC files
      • OGG OPUS
      • Amiga Modules (and all derivatives traker formats)
      • Wave (Raw audio format)
      • MIDI file (soundfont file required)
        More information available in share/music/readme.txt
    • Bump Amiberry to v3.1.3.1
    • Bump AdvanceMame to v3.9
    • Add volume control to XU4
    • Improve the management of external screens and selection from recalbox.conf by Chriskt78
    • Add support for zipped gamelist.xml
    • Add libetro's Mesen, accurate NES & FDS emulator (rpi4, xu4, x86(_64) only)
    • Add libetro's Mesen-S, accurate SNES, Satellaview, GB/GBC & Super GameBoy emulator (rpi4, xu4, x86/x64 only)
    • Improve Apple IIGS slot detection & auto-boot
    • Improve the following standalone emulators:
      • AdvanceMame: Support roms in sub-folders, integer scale & show FPS
      • Amiberry (Amiga): Center screen, show FPS (LED bar) & Support scanline shader
      • DosBox (DOS): Support retro & scanline shaders
      • GSPlus (Apple IIGS): Support scanline shader
      • Linapple (Apple II): Support all screen resolutions
      • Oricutron (Oric): Support scanline shader
      • Simcoupé (SAM Coupé): Support scanline shader & smooth rendering
      • ScummVM: Support scanline shader & smooth rendering
    • Auto discover and configure multi-disk games for:
      • Amiberry (Amiga): up to 4 disks loaded at once
      • GSPlus (Apple IIGS): from 2 up to 32 disks loaded at once, depending on floppy types
      • Quasi88 (PC88): up to 6 disks loaded at once
    • Improve shader management in EmulationStation
    • Improve GPI support
    • Add Arcade virtual system in EmulationStation
    • Add videosnaps sound & on/off switch in EmulationStation menus


    • Fix Odroid XU4 fan issue
    • Fix Odroid XU4 sound issue
    • Fix EMMC boot on XU4
    • Fix x86/x64 Boot videos
    • Fix music popup crashes
    • Fix music loop play
    • Fix netplay popup crashes
    • Fix apple2 not work on x86/x86_64
    • Fix fullscreeen on oricatmos and apple2 on x86/x86_64
    • Fix duplicate folders in Arcade systems
    • Fix quit menu not being accessible when boot-on-gamelist is on
    • Fix some bad behaviors in favorite management
    • Fix reboot Emulationstation with webmanager
    • Fix volume issues in boot video
    • Fix REICAST bug on XU4
    • Fix FPS show/hide in Retroarch
    • Fix multiple audio issues
    • Fix GameList position reset when editing metadata
    • : Require to scrape missing data using the internal scraper
      ** : Availailable in both EmulationStation menu and configuration file

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    @Bkg2k Sounds great 😉
    May I get some more information about the following point? What does this mean in detail?

    @Bkg2k said in News: Recalbox 6.2, or 6.3, or... well, the next version!:

    Add EmulationStation event-driver user scripts

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    @lackyluuk You could see this page for more details, in french only for the moment but if you translate, it could help you to understand this "amazing" feature (with lot of potential evolutions 😉 :

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    @Bkg2k It's really lot of work ! GG !

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    @bozothegeek thanks for the hint 🙂

  • @jorgemagana said in News: Recalbox 6.2, or 6.3, or... well, the next version!:

    Well, I did a risky move: got rid of my Raspberry Pi 3b+ and bought a Raspberry Pi 4 in Aliexpress. Estimated delivery, first days of October. Maybe enough time until version 7. Thanks to all developers! Love Recalbox!

    My Raspberry Pi 4 arrived today! One month before the estimated date. 3 weeks only for delivery, since payment, very happy with this!

  • I had the honor to test the RB7 beta version.
    It is a very great and fast system but also different to the previous ones.
    So now there are a few questions:

    In the beta test version, i wasn´t able to change the splashscreen/splashscreen video,
    because after rebooting the system has been auto-restored from /boot/recalbox file.
    There was no boot error, so does it always restore it after a restart ?
    Or do we get an option to disable this option or do we get an option to update the /boot/recalbox file from
    current file system?
    And another big question, is the GameCube Emulator added to the ES menue or do we need to start it from pixel desktop 😜 ?

    However, great great work guys !!!

    Happy coding...

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    @damar1st where did you get this version ?

  • @OyyoDams i am working as developer for some Youtuber and got it from them.
    like @TechExplorer or @DeJotaGamer ...

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    @damar1st and which version is it exactly ?

  • @OyyoDams it is 2020/05/30

  • I hope it comes out next month lakka is very complicated to handle, Batocera crashes after 20 minutes playing snes roms although it emulates N64 well, with Retropie it is the opposite case it emulates snes well but very badly N64 with a lot of lag and cannot be played Being the owner of a Pi 4b, I have to wait patiently for my colleagues to take it out, it will take longer but it is a finished product and it works well.

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    We're working hard to make this release better, faster, stronger, more ergonomic and more user-friendly.

    A little bit of patience, it's almost done 🙂

    There're about 20 beta-testers checking everything almost continuously! They are doing tons of cores/emulators tests, they are testing new features, new bug fixes and the Recalbox team is working very hard to improve and fix everything! 😉

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