Recalbox 7.0

News: Recalbox 6.2, or 6.3, or... well, the next version!

  • Is there any chance that you will be including chdman (for compressing playstation, dreamcast, sega CD, etc. files in to CHDs)?

    This utility is very useful and should probably be included in the release.

    For anyine interestid in using it here is an easy conversion loop

    find . -name "*cue" -exec chdman createcd -i {} -o {}.chd \;

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    @Zaphod You'd better use chdman on your regular PC/OS to compress your CD once, instead of using it on Recalbox itself, in particular on SBC like Raspberry Pi.

  • Is N64 working better in the new version(new emulator)?
    Thanks for the great work

  • @Bkg2k I have an XU4 so its way more powerful.

  • @orn22300 I'm using a 200 GB microSD-Card with Dragonblaze. Having no Problems at all 🙂

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    @Zaphod Yes more powerfull than a Pi3, but far less powerfull than a PC 🙂

  • @Bkg2k true, but RB runs on x86 also.

  • @JameZtosteron are you getting video snaps and screen shots ok because I’m having a heck of a time. I’m about to start using RetroPie since it all seems to be working.

  • Has any work been done on the Dolphin controller options? One of the areas that is lacking is emulation of the classic controller (for example).

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    This post is deleted!

  • It would be nice if you made a proper installation for PC setups. If you're installing to an SSD/HDD it's not as smooth as installing to an SD card as you either would have to get the SSD/HDD to another PC and install it from that (thus requiring two PCs) or you'd have to boot a live system such as WinPE and download Balena Etcher and install it through that on the PC you'd like to use for Recalbox.

    Very nice integration of ease to use and powerful system though! Looking forward to the new version.

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    @Anders-Northbane The easiest way is to "flash" the image to an USB stick (or any USB storage) and boot on it. No install required.

  • @Bkg2k Yes, but I don't wanna run my OS of a slow USB but rather a speedy SSD, preferably NVMe, so then I have to "install" Recalbox by either booting from a WinPE on that very PC or installing said SSD on a system which already runs Windows to be able to flash my SSD. So it does not become very easy I'm afraid.

    Have a look at for example LibreELEC, they have an excellent setup method for installing to any disk really.

  • Nvidia driver?
    Mame 0,222?
    100% working ROMs?

    Link do download??????

  • Any news for integrating the PS2 emulator (X86_64)? Congratulations to the Recalbox team!

  • Well, I did a risky move: got rid of my Raspberry Pi 3b+ and bought a Raspberry Pi 4 in Aliexpress. Estimated delivery, first days of October. Maybe enough time until version 7. Thanks to all developers! Love Recalbox!

  • Good morning, I'm waiting for the version of recalbox compatible with raspbery pi 4 to come out, I like to play games for the nintendo 64 and Game cube, I have the retropie 4.6 and it's worth it because it slows down in such a way that you can't even play In all the games I have read in the recalbox / other languages ​​/ Spanish section that the version for the pi 4 will be released in a few days, can you inform me? Thank you

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    No date for the release, may be few weeks or months

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    Hello to all our English-speaking fellows whom we have been neglecting a bit lately! 😘

    So here are some late-breaking news about the progress of Recalbox 7.0!

    To make a long story short, we're in the final stages of debugging and improvements.
    There are a lot of new features in this version, a lot of bugs fixed, and a lot of small improvements here and there.

    I invite you to read in detail the release note here, even if it's incomplete, since we've moved to a private Gitlab repository due to a beta leak:
    Don't worry, we're still working actively to stabilize this release!

    For Recalbox 7.0 we wanted it to be as perfect as possible. So of course it's impossible, because a lot of things are not only up to us.
    But we have made our best effort, both the development team and the 20 or so beta testers, to track down as many bugs and imperfections as possible and fix them.

    Recalbox is a true major release:

    • Perfect Pi4 compatibility
    • New emulators (OpenBor, Solarus, Saturn, ...)
    • New libretro cores
    • Our EmulationStation has evolved to be faster, more fluid & ergonomic and more solid! It also integrates a lot of new features.
    • A faster startup, and a more user-friendly installation!
    • New update procedures, faster and more secure.
    • Tons of nice new features that will simplify your life.
    • Surprises that I can't talk about and that you'll discover the day of the release! 😄
    • ...

    And despite all this, we still have a lot of things, some of them already in development, waiting for you in the next version!
    Next version which should come much faster thanks to the new update procedure.

    We still ask you to be patient, Recalbox 7.0 is in the last straight line!

  • @Bkg2k

    Thats great news. I looking forward to the release.

    May i ask you, is there also an improvement for moonlight? Can we use a newer Version than GFE 3.13 in the future?

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