Raspberry Pi 4

For information, Recalbox IS NOT compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 yet.
Pour information, Recalbox N'EST PAS encore compatible avec le Raspberry Pi 4.

The Recalbox Team.

News: Recalbox 6.2, or 6.3, or... well, the next version!

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    @Zaphod through the web, hi_res textures won't be manageable in the short term, but the folders will be created automatically on the next version.

  • What a pleasure to read all this ! Well done you all !

    What version of Kodi will be in the next version please? If 18.x, will it include inputstream adaptative library, so we can use the Netflix add-on ? Very specific question I imagine, and I will understand it is not the priority.
    Thanks in advance

  • Please don't take this comment as a dig on the developers or a demand for anything:

    Can someone explain to me why it takes so long to develop recalbox for RP4? I am genuinely curious and want to learn more about how these systems are developed. I figured since this is a Linux-based OS and the raspberry pi is so well-documented i'd figured it wouldn't be that different from previous versions of the Pi.

    Again, this is just to further my understanding. I know this forum has a lot of ungrateful jerks, please don't consider me and this post one of them. I've actually taken a big interest in Linux as a direct result of Recalbox and Raspberry Pis. I just would love to know why support for the 4 is taking a bit longer to develop than, say, the transition from 2 to 3.

    And if this post may be out of line, feel free to tell me, ignore me or delete it. I don't need an entire thread locked up because of me.

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    We know you're all impatient 🙂
    Be sure we're all working hard to make the next version a killer version! And keep in mind it's a free project and we're all working on our free time.

    Since the first post, many things have been improved and some new features have been added (I can't reveal anything, we've to keep some kind of surprise!)
    However, there are still some R&D in progress and if we're lucky, there could be even more 🙂

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    @sag508 Well I'll try to explain.

    First of all, from the system point of view, the Pi4 is not a standard Linux. But it's also no longer a Pi like all the previous models.
    Then, Recalbox is based on Buildroot, a tool to build linux systems from scratch. It took about 8 month to buildroot to update all necessary packages to fully support the Pi4 software layers.

    That is, in Recalbox, we had to:

    • Consider the Pi4 as a new board, not a classic Pi3 update.
    • Update Buildroot (and believe me, that's all but an easy task!)
    • Update linux Kernel (and adjust some code to update deprecated stuff as in our GPIO drivers)
    • Adjust all our "root" packages: SDL2, Retroarch, ...
    • Adjust all standalone emulators: PPSSPP, mupen64, ...
    • Write specific script or code here and there to adjust existing stuff (It takes ages to test everything...)
    • TEST everything on the Pi4
    • RE-TEST everything on all boards because a Buildroot bump may have unexpected side-effects!

    We've now someone in the team with extremely impressive Buildroot skills, and the Pi4 is on rails. But we can't give any ETA yet.

  • @Bkg2k thanks for the readers digest version! Definitely helpful to get a grasp on what needs to get done. I knew you guys had your work cut out for you, I just didn't realize it was this intense. I appreciate all the work you guys are doing for this wonderful project! Looking forward to...whatever you're calling it!

  • The new version looks good! Will there be an option to run the full version of Stella as opposed to lr Stella, to allow use of paddles via 2600daptor for Atari paddle games ?
    Thanks for your efforts everyone involved !!

  • will OpenVPN be possible in the new version?

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    @atwk said in News: Recalbox 6.2, or 6.3, or... well, the next version!:

    will OpenVPN be possible in the new version?

    No, we won't add it

  • @Bkg2k Thanks for all your great job, very excited reading all the changes and improvments coming soon, One more question about the size of the SD card. What will be the best size 16,32, 64Gb to install the Recalbox System itself on an SD Card keeping in mind to install the roms /bios on an USB device?

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    @baudprawn98 who said paddles aren't supported in the libretro build? As far as I know, everything is configurable through retroarch's menu. Anyway, the emulator will be updated right before the next launch, and I've seen some work been done about paddle configurations.

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    @orn22300 the is no best size for an sd card. Although the best cost/benefit (/secure) might be a 16 Gb sd card together with an usb stick for your share partition.

  • @paradadf Ok maybe I’m doing something wrong(Highly likely), but I’ve never had success trying to use paddles via retro arch setup. Using the full version of Stella on Retropie is the only way I’ve been able to get them working on the pi. Looking forward to the next version, hopefully I can work it out then👍

  • So I never did get a reply on my suggested code-name..

    @Zaphod said in News: Recalbox 6.2, or 6.3, or... well, the next version!:

    Did we come up with a code name yet?
    i was thinking this way...

    We are all waiting for it
    We are all excited about it
    A lot of really smart people are working on it.
    When it finally arrives it will make our lives more enjoyable.
    It's arrival will be heralded around the world as one of the greatest triumphs of mankind....
    Ok maybe i'm going a little overboard with this one...

    CODE NAME: "Vaccine"


    But if you are going alphabetically "Harbinger"

  • @Zaphod vaccine isn't a great choice for a codename imho. Some people are against vaccines (I'm not one of those people), would you like someone to be against recalbox?

  • Translation Master

    @Zaphod why don't we just wait for them to release the name they want? 😉
    It's just a name...

  • @theknob Some people are against Dragons and Blazing too

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    @Zaphod some people just talk for notning...

  • It was just my opinion. I'd prefer something more gaming-oriented, but this choice it's up to dev team, not me.
    Stay safe.

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    There is absolutely nothing wrong in discussing/suggesting names for the next version! Maybe this thread is not the best as it might get too long to read. But the team is certantly bussy adding many new things now and we haven‘t had time to talk about it. Thanks everyone again for their patience!

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