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  • I found an rom for castlevania symphony of the night. The emulator works. I can play it, I can find the save spots. However, the saves never take. It's acting like there is no memory card, at least I think. So when I die, I have to play all the way back from the beginning. I've googled just about everything I can think of to find out how to set up a fake memory card but none of that turns up anything. I've found video's saying the rewind button is the ps button + left. That doesn't work. ps button + right shows a fast forward button. And yes, rewind is turned on.

    I'm extremely frustrated because it seems like there's very little documentation on this. So what am I doing wrong? How can I set up a memory card? How can I use rewind? How can I play this game and actually have a saved state? I don't care how it saves, I just don't want to have to restart this game again.

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    @petro I saw a user with a similar problem once, in his case the problem was the BIOS.
    Check the BIOS version you are using, and make sure that both the name and the extension are spelled correctly, as they are case sensitive.

  • @zing I definitely get error messages regarding bios when loading the game. Do you have a link to documentation that describes what/where that is?

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  • @zing Cool thanks!

  • @zing Well, that didn't work. Bios are installed, still doesn't actually save progress when savepoints are used.

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    @petro Are you sure you are using the correct BIOS? Check in Recalbox Manager, and remember: they are case sensitive, even in the file extension. If not, try another version of the BIOS, which has the same name.


  • @zing Yes, I'm pretty sure I'm using the correct bios. It's the one listed for Playstation and the GUID matches the link you posted above. As for version, I have no clue. The document you linked just explains what has to be seen when checking the bios. It does not mention where to get said bios, so I found the bios on one of the many rom serving websites. The GUID matched so I gave it a whirl. On startup, the game detects the bios. It just does not actually save to the virtual memory card.

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    @petro Sorry to insist, but you have not made it clear whether you checked the BIOS version in Recalbox MANAGER, or how you did it.
    Also, what is your version of Recalbox? What is your hardware? Did you build your Recalbox yourself, or did you download a ready-made image from the internet?
    You are right: the link was just for you to know which BIOS version to use, BIOS and ROMS are copyrighted, so its distribution is illegal, and against the forum rules.

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