How to add ROMs?

  • Raspberry Pi Zero Image for my SDcard used: from   I feel like an idiot. I'm new to the Raspberry Pi. I've spent an hour searching on how to simply add ROMs. I've done this countless of times on many PCs, Wiis, PS3s, PS2s, DSs, phones, etc. I don't understand. Every guide I read says I have to add over SMB share. My Raspberry Pi Zero does not have network access. I am doing all scraping PC-side. Why does it seem like I can't simply add ROMs to the SD card? Looking at the file structure on the SD card is confusing also. Only a single folder, and no folders for the homebrew ROMs that are included. Where are they?

  • Without any network access it's pretty hard. Can't you just plug a wifi adaptator ? (just to transfert Rom) meanwil, you can try with an USB Key. The roms are in this rep : /recalbox/share/roms But, I don't know where are the directory for scrap (xml and images) but you can put them directly in the rom directory.

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    Besides it's not supposed to work on the Pi Zero for the moment (if i'm not mistaken)

  • You can add your roms to usb u need the same folder structur as the rom folder /usb/roms/snes or /usb/roms/psx

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