Connectivity issues (Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Controller)

  • Hi, community!!!
    I am gonna try to be as short as possible, once I am going to describe multiples bugs/issues I’ve being facing since my last update (from version 5.o or something to 6.1.1).
    Btw: my device is a Raspberry Pi 3 B.

    1. Can’t connect to wi-fi.
      Before the update it was easy and always connected instantly to my wi-fi. Now I have to use a cable. And even re-inserting my network information it does not connect to it.

    2. My controller disconnects after resetting my device.
      Before I just had to turn on both of them and they were ready to go. Now every time I turn my Pi on, I need to pair my controller (Wi-U pro Controller – Bluetooth) from scratch. > For that I need to use a virtual gamepad via my network internet.

    3. Performance issues… Those are minors at the moment. But unfortunately games that run great before now are more laggy. > That maybe due to my power supply that is displaying a lightening bolt at the top of my screen. So – by now – I can’t blame the software. However, everything else is like before… so I don’t believe it should be that bad.

    Well … there are a couple more issues, but by now these are the ones that are really bothering me (especially 1 and 2). If someone could help me out pointing me to a solution that would be awesome!!!

    If you need any additional information let me know.


  • Btw ... pretty sure I upgraded from 6.0. >>> Still tried out a fresh install ... but problems continue.

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