Recalbox Dragonblaze Struggling to boot emulationstation

  • I have a raspberry pi model B+ currently running recalbox dragonblaze. It's connected to a VGA monitor with HDMI to VGA converter.

    My recalbox struggles in booting into emulationstation after the recalbox splashscreen ends. It just turns to black. I know it boots into emulationstation because I can hear the bg music of emulationstation. But it only shows black screen.

    When I reboot it again, sometimes it boots to emulationstation normally but sometimes it's only black screen. It's like a game of chance.

    Is Dragonblaze having trouble with a VGA screen? I noticed this only started after I upgraded to dragonblaze.

    Is there something I can do in config.txt to cure this issue?

    Thanks in advance! This forum really helps a lot.

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    @granderjoree said in Recalbox Dragonblaze Struggling to boot emulationstation:

    HDMI to VGA converter

    The problem is probably HDMI to VGA converter. And I do not say that specifically your model is the problem, I say that when there is an HDMI to VGA converter there are usually problems.

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