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Pour information, Recalbox N'EST PAS encore compatible avec le Raspberry Pi 4.

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[GPi Case] Recalbox 6.1 Beta 4 (pre-release) - New Public Beta!

  • D-pad not working on the 6.1 beta 3. Fresh install.
    troubleshootings files

  • Staff

    @alvaro-larsen read at the bottom of: http://download.retroflag.com/

    Q: Why No DPad and buttons work?

    1. The short usb cable in the cartridge connection issue, please assemble the short usb cable again.

  • @paradadf said in [GPi Case] Recalbox 6.1 Beta 3 - New Public Beta!:

    @dark_hunter you’d need to share more info... are you having sound problems? Are those sound problems only on a specific game or everywhere? What core are you using? What core where you using before, the same? Defaults might change, so it is important to be specific. Have you tried with other cores? Same behavior?

    Seems to only affect the sound and one core which is GBA, not using anything else but what was supplied to me.

  • Staff

    @dark_hunter if you press START on top of the gamelist you can edit the emulator and core to use others, for example gpsp. It needs bios though, that was the reason it was removed from being the default for rpi0/1, although it should be the fastest (less accurate). Try different cores and compare games between cores to see what give’s you the best experience and share it here.

  • @paradadf selecting GPSP works.

  • bonjour j'ai vu qu'il fallais 2 dissipateurs de chaleur en cuivre Premium, par contre je ne trouve pas lesquel au meilleurs prix et a la bonne taille.

    qui aurait le lien amazon ou autre svp ?

  • Test de la beta 3... J'ai entendu dans le live que Crash Bandicoot tournait super bien sur l'emu PSX... Pour ma part le son est bizarre (crapouilleux, comme si on manquait de débit) et l'image est cantonné aux 2/3 supérieurs de l'écran. Y a-t-il une astuce qui m'échappe. Un bios bien précis à installer ?

  • Why is bluetooth disabeled on beta3 and can i enable it?

  • @wolfme not yeah you can enable it, I'm sure it's disabled for battery life in mind.

    I also would like to point out that the WebManager is not enabled out of the box and must be turned on via advanced settings.

  • @paradadf thanks, i tought that was the problem.
    but the real issue was that i got my gpi case D-pad into “Axis mode”.
    so the solution was getting the D-pad to “Hat mode”.

    D-pad "Hat mode":
    SELECT + D-PAD UP for 5 seconds. Device led will flash purple when done.

    D-pad “Axis mode”:
    SELECT + D-PAD LEFT for 5 seconds. Device led will flash purple when done.

  • Does anyone know of a way to disable the Recalbox ‘loading’ screen with Pac-Man? I’d prefer if it were just black! Thanks

  • Staff

    @sibobbbe said in [GPi Case] Recalbox 6.1 Beta 3 - New Public Beta!:

    Does anyone know of a way to disable the Recalbox ‘loading’ screen with Pac-Man? I’d prefer if it were just black! Thanks

    Not possible.

  • @acris Oh that's a shame, but thanks appreciate the reply

  • Hello there, I've found 2 issues with the beta 3 :

    • NO snes game run with the default snesPi emulator, it tries loading and then goes back to the game selection screen, if I manually chose to change it to snes9x it works but it's slow, that's why I would like to use the specific snesPi emulator, any idea why it doesnt work ? Fresh install of the beta 3 on a new SD card, every other console work fine.

    • I've noticed some vertical lines on the grey Recalbox menu on the left of my screen, very visible in high contrast, but mainly with background in grey colors, nearly invisible in most games, except grey ones, is it a hardware issue? Anyone else noticed?

    Thanks guys!

  • I have an issue where sometimes, after simply adding some games via Finder (I'm on mac) it takes five minutes to boot, then boots into full Recalbox, not the GPI version.

    This has happened twice and seems totally random. Both times I've had to start from scratch with a new installation. Is anyone else having this issue? Any ideas? Thanks

  • @maldorhan I got snes games to run by switching to Snes9x then switching back to pisnes. Sometimes it took a couple of tries. Weird but it works

  • Have you considered supporting the banana pi?
    It is more performence

  • @sibobbbe Thanks but it didnt work for me, reinstalled again and nope, snes still doesnt work, even with the original game added by recalbox, without adding anything, right after first boot, snes doesnt work and goes back to the menu (SnesPi by default), works with manual switch to snes9X.

    Question to all the GPI CASE owners, do you notice that too on your screen? Specially on blue/grey of the Recalbox menu for exemple :

    I took a picture of the vertical lines I noticed on the left, anyone else experienced that on his screen? (you gotta turn up the contrast to notice the lines on the Recalbox menu, specially dark blue and grey), maybe my screen is defect or something (It is WAY more visible in reality than on photos... but now you know how to check on yours if you wanna help me out:

    Vertical lines ONLY on the left of the screen and totally OK on the right

  • Hi, i just got my GPi Case - do i still need to install the patch from http://download.retroflag.com/ and the safe shutdown scripts?
    Not sure about the timeline when what released, and if it's still required.

  • Staff

    Please read correctly the 1st post.

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