Kodi crashes after library scan

  • Hi,

    I've installed latest recalbox to my odroid Xu4.
    Works quite fine on emulation side, but my main suage is media center.
    After a library scan of musics or movies finished, kodi crashes when trying to go back to previous screen. And all other tries to load Kodi will fail (I see splash screen, then back to EmulatorStation).
    So I have to remove .kodi/userdata folder to get it working back, and scan again to get it crashing !

    I tried to enable some debug logs, but don't see anything relavant. Please take a look on them, maybe you will have a better idea : https://pastebin.com/CGdc5tmT

    Whatever I trying to parse result is the same, or whatever support is (network, external HDD).

    If someone has any idea to help me investigating this issue, I'll be glad to hear them ;)


  • Hi I have some new with this library scan issue.
    I talked of this issue on Kodi official forum : https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=343694&pid=2854789

    I found that the crash comes from a kind of corrupted database.
    But this same database works on another system : https://uploadfiles.io/r8gjq3dl

    I'm looking to a distribution/sw version issue.

  • Above database works with 17.6 Kodi on Ubuntu 18 LTS with this version:
    17.6 Debian package version: 2:17.6+dfsg1-1ubuntu1 Media Center Kodi from Debian
    Copyright (C) 2005-2013 Team Kodi from Debian - http://kodi.tv

    Is there someone who can try using embedded RecalBox ?

    @moderators: this issue is probably not related to Kodi, but with distribution. Please move this thread as desired.

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