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Update 18.07.13 to v6.0?Am I missing something ?

  • Even windows can perform major updates.
    It’s so incredible !

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    @mattmame if you're here just to post messages like that, you can take a drink and stop that immediately. That's just a lack of respect regarding the many hours we've all spent for free for months on Recalbox. We're all volunteers, not paid, we all have a life, a real job, childrens, and we're all doing our best to make this operating system even than better. It seems you know NOTHING about computing and development. I won't even try to explain you why this update is basically impossible, because I'm juste tired reading this kind of stupid messages. So the next message I see from you like that, you'll be fired from the forum. That's simple.

  • I know you and developers work a lot.
    If it was windows developments I could help you but I’m not Linux friendly.
    Just to explain, I am a computer specialist.
    The problem: I have Recalbox on a dedicated computer. A fresh install on a computer is not as simple as on a raspberry.

    • save many folders from network on my nas
    • open computer
    • take hard drive
    • put the hard drive in a dock
    • burn the image using etcher
    • put the hard drive in the computer
    • restore folders from network
    • scrap about 10000 games (because the image folder is renamed in the 6.0 version) that will take a while
      You can fire me if you want to but can you understand how difficult an update might be for end users ?
      Some won’t update due to how difficult it is.
      If mame and fba are updated some of users games won’t work anymore.
      Change may be difficult for developers but EVEN for users.
      I want to continue Recalbox experience because it’s such a wonderful project and I thank developers for their great work.
      I don’t want this project dies because users think it’s to hard to have an up to date version and as a consequence abandon Recalbox.
      Thx for reading me

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    There is NO NEED of rescrapping. As long as you save BOTH gamelist.xml and their corresponding media folders.

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    It's not that hard to do a fresh install. Even on WINDOWS it is NOT recommended to update to major OS versions. Everytime we did it, we ran into (serious or not) issues.

    That's the same here. We did our best to enable the old 18.07.13 version being able to update. But that was so risky we decided NOT TO DO SO. And that was a reasonnable decision, because crashing dozens of thousands of Recalbox is A LOT MORE annoying than making a fresh install mandatory even if you think it's that painfull.

    We do our best every day to make recalbox better. Forcing everyone to make a fresh install is not a matter of laziness, it's a matter of wisdom.

  • @loak said in Update 18.07.13 to v6.0?Am I missing something ?:

    @maniaczek, assuming that your roms are on the SD card, you have to connect to your Recalbox thru your home network and save bios, roms and saves folders on your computer.

    Do a fresh install of Recalbox and visit the wiki page https://github.com/recalbox/recalbox-os/wiki/Use-an-external-usb-storage-device-on-recalbox-(EN) (the part called Setup Recalbox to use your USB key may do the trick)

    Once the usb storage has been created, copy back your bios, saves and roms only (without gamelist.xml and pictures folders)

    Scrap your roms from your computer and the usb key plugged in with an external soft scrapper (Skraper for example). The old gamelist.xml are not compatible anymore and may lead to black screen at the start of your new recalbox.

    Patience and calm will lead you to the resolution of your problem.

    @Bkg2k ok but in this message it is written former gamelist.xml and downloaded images folder are not supported

    What do I have to do ?
    Can I put my images in another folder and edit xml and replace all downloaded_images by the new folder name ?

  • Screenscraper
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    @mattmame You can move your gamelist.xml and media folders (whatever they are named) as long as you did not selected specific emulators for one or more games (using "edit metadata").

    If you did such changes, just open your gamelist.xml and remove <emulator> and <core> tags.

  • Tester

    Maybe I did too much zeal for the scrap part but this problem often comes up in the forum.

  • @bkg2k thank you very much.
    Explained like that is really better.
    For me, I work as a computer specialist in an hospital that counts about 6000 computers and hundreds of servers.
    May you understand why it’s so important for me not to disturb medical activity and preserve patient when an update is made.
    So in my position, making a fresh install is really impossible and we always work to make updates work.

    I still thank you for your work and your patience

  • @mattmame I too found that the inadequate upgrade path was more troublesome than helpful. As a fellow software engineer, upgrade paths are always the top concern to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • @nightlybuilds thanks. May I be helpful for you one day

  • I understand that i have to do a fresh install but is there any chance to do it without losing any roms?

  • @rinkymehra
    you have to backup your rom folder somewhere elder and copy it after the fresh install in your Recalbox.
    Same thing for the bios folder.
    Your scrap may be lost.
    Some games will not work anymore with some updated emulators which use an earlier romset.
    You will have to use correct bios files. Some emulators use an earlier bios.
    May the force be with you.

  • @mattmame Thanks for the reply man, issue is solved!

  • @rinkymehra ok, that’s great.

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