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Bug in Reclabox x64 RC3

  • I think I found a bug;

    Intel NUC NUC7CJYH2
    Platform: x64 RC3
    Emulator: Default (Libretro)
    Core: Defaul (Mednafen_psx_hw)
    GamePad: 8bitdo 30SFC Pro (Pro Controller Mode)

    Situation: You start the game tekken 3 American version (it happens with any PSX game). You try to change any ingame retroarch configuration (For example, increase internal resolution to x2 or activate skip bios). When you save settings, it crashes and returns to the main screen, without saving the changes. It happens in all tested PSX games.


  • Developer
    Global moderator

    hello for recording configurations of cores retroarch a file exists at this location:
    / Recalbox / share / system / configs / retroarch / cores / retroarch-core-options.cfg
    it is no longer necessary to activate the option save on quit of retroarch
    you just have to make its settings then restart the emulator the changes will be in the file retroarch-core-options.cfg.
    how did you update to Rc3?

  • @strodown

    It's a fresh install. I don't update.
    I add this lines to retroarch-core-options.cfg file:

             beetle_psx_hw_cd_fastload = "12x"
             beetle_psx_hw_cd_access_method = "async"
             beetle_psx_hw_internal_resolution = "4x"

    Then I started the game, but the settings were not applied. If I reopen retroarch-core-options.cfg file, it looks as if I haven't edited it.

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