Grandia: Insert Disc 2.....and YET!?

  • Hi everyone. Here's my problem:

    Playing Grandia on my Rasp 3, i quickly discovered i couldn't save on the virtual memcard. Kinda surprised me at first, since the other games can save normaly just fine, so i used savestates. I worried about the fact that there were two discs, and swapping from one to another meant using a save. A REAL, NORMAL save. I then searched (not deeply enough, maybe?) a way to make it work anyway, changing the name of the savestats to make it match the name of the disc 2 and stuff and also found the "Hotkey + whatev" opening the virtual tray, putting the next disc, then closing the virtual tray, and voila! It works.....not.

    The situation is the following: At the end of the disc 1, i'm told it's....the end of the disc 1, and i MUST save. No way around it, it leads to straight to the saving menu. So here i save, looking at the memory card trolling me with a "saved files" with no info inside of it, and no way to load it.....and only THEN it allows me to get out of that useless menu.
    And i'm stuck with a screen: "Insert disc 2, then push Reset". And as i do that? Well it resets alright! And keep zero data of anything i "saved"! And loading states doesn't change anything either.

    Not to mention that i initially had the two files (Grandia disc1, Grandia disc2) on my Rasp, but also converted them into a pbp to make it a single file.....and it changed nothing. Opened the virtual tray, put disc 2, closed the virtual tray......

    So it's time for me to ask for your guidance. Is there something i missed in the manip? A step i overlooked?I'd be thankful for anything who would help me to make it work!

  • @edenlegaia Hello!
    I do not have this game, nor do I have this problem, but did you follow all the steps of the wiki?

  • The best way to use multi disk games in psx is described here (see Definitive mode):
    This works perfect!!

    I have Grandia and following that guide I have this files:
    Grandia (E) (Disc 1) [SLES-02397].bin
    Grandia (E) (Disc 1) [SLES-02397].cue
    Grandia (E) (Disc 2) [SLES-12397].bin
    Grandia (E) (Disc 2) [SLES-12397].cue
    Grandia (E) [SLES-12397].m3u

    The text of Grandia (E) [SLES-12397].m3u file is this:
    Grandia (E) (Disc 1) [SLES-02397].cue
    Grandia (E) (Disc 2) [SLES-12397].cue

  • for the saving problem, do you have the correct bios file in the bios directory ? If you can't save on memorycard, most of the time, it means that the bios is not correct.

  • I looked at the Definitive PSX seems to say what it does, but not how i'm supposed to make it work.

    As for the bios, each time i launch a game, it says "NO PLAYSTATION BIOS FILES FOUND" or something. Funny thing is, it never mattered when it came to save in "mono disk" games like Breath of Fire 3/4. Not once have i used savestates for those games. Grandia is, so far, the only one to make me do so....and the first Multi Disk game i'm playing on my Rasp 3.

    What's strange about the bios is, i've put them into the right directory, made sure they were rightly written, and the md5 was right too for each of them. For some reason i've yet to know, Recalbox just....doesn't seem to care about their existence. If that damn program recognizing AND ACTUALLY using a bios would be the key to finally use normal memory card saving system, that'd be nice and resolve the issue of having to go through five hundred guides and file dissection/recomposition for multi disk games.

  • @edenlegaia You claim to have the correct BIOS, but did you verify this in Recalbox Manager?
    I've seen more than one case where the person had the correct BIOS, and in Recalbox Manager he accused the BIOS is missing, because these files are case sensitive, the solution was simply to rename the file, maybe it's your case.

  • I'll verify that. In case it needs a renaming, what would you suggest? SCPH1001 didn't work, scph1001 didn't either.

  • @edenlegaia It has to leave equal to what is requested by Recalbox Manager, this BIOS if I am not mistaken is in upper case.
    But it's not just this PSX BIOS, I can not remember the name of the others, but I think the others are in lowercase.

  • @edenlegaia said in Grandia: Insert Disc 2.....and YET!?:

    I'll verify that. In case it needs a renaming, what would you suggest? SCPH1001 didn't work, scph1001 didn't either.

    the .bin extension is also case-sensitive i think.
    So the file has either to be named SCPH1001.BIN or scph1001.bin

  • I tried both before, writing both the scph and the bin in both cases.

  • @edenlegaia But did you check into Recalbox Manager? I think it's not just one PSX BIOS, I think there are more files.

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