RecalBox won't launch PSX/Dreamcast Games. hardware limitation?

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    So i just got recalbox on a dell optiplex 755. Runs all games from the Atari to the n-64 with absolutely no issue. (I have ALL bios installed) but PSX and Dreamcast games will not launch. i click the game and it takes me back to the selection screen. All files are in what it says in the README.txt. Bin/ISO for PSX, and .CDI for Dreamcast. Hardware Limitation? I don't know, but i would like for this to work. All other forums and tutorials have had me stumped. I've tried everything. I have all BIOS. Also the games i'm having an issue is with Twisted Metal- World tour. it has 12 tracks (1 is the info, 11 are music) and all the other games for the Dreamcast and PSX don't work either.
    PC Specs: Intel Core 2 v Pro. I believe it has 8GB of ram. Running RecalboxOS Version 18.07.13

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    @kenward likely you have an issue with your cue / bin for PSX

    For Dreamcast, try a lot of games, many aren't working, try Soul Calibur in CDI.

    Both systems should work

    Lastly if it still doesn't work, do a support archive trhough web manager

  • Maybe a problem with your graphic card that can’t make OpenGL 3 work.

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