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For information, Recalbox IS NOT compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 yet.
Pour information, Recalbox N'EST PAS encore compatible avec le Raspberry Pi 4.

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[Recalbox 6.1+][Snap Videos][Custom mix] Next Pixel theme

  • Staff

    Great work, I can't wait to test your theme :)
    Don't forget to provide 720p and 1080p version to help raspberry to deal with its limited GPU RAM.

    And... we will not add new systems until the stable release ;)

  • Theme designer

    New release 0.7 now available!

    Some nice options are added especially vertical wheel. To make horizontal view consistent with this new view i modified it as well (let me know what you think about it as well). And for those who don't like it actual horizontal view is still available from theme options (check "horizontal legacy").
    When using vertical wheel please use UI SETTINGS > TRANSITION STYLE > INSTANT for a better look and feel.
    In addition to those system views, light/dark options now affect system views as well, go play with it to see the result and find out what's best for you!

    Not a lot of new systems with this release (vertical wheel has been time-consuming work), only added atomiswave and an alternative to snes (FFVI) as requested.

    For next release i may change gamelist view to have something more consistent with new system views.

    Changelog :

    • Add new system view using right vertical wheel (it replaces horizontal view as default system view to switch back to horizontal check theme options)
    • Modify a bit horizontal system view for consistency with new vertical view (old system view still available as "horizontal legacy")
    • Modify light/dark colorset option, system views now use this option as well and 2 options have been added to mixin light/dark beetwen system and gamelist view. Light is now default option
    • Add atomiswave support
    • Add new system logos and default background (amigacdtv, channelf, naomi, oric, samcoupe)
    • Fix n64 image (was pixelate behing system logos, from 0.6 only)
    • Change scummvm image and music (still using Monkey Island as game theme)
    • Add snes Final Fantasy VI game theme alternative (check "Multiple game themes" section to know how to switch theme)
    • Favorites/screenshots logos/consoles tweaking
    • Definitely fix those logo borders consistency (some logos may look a bit larger though)
    • Add next pixel menu icons
    • Minor optimisations (images now include some assets to reduce a bit memory impact)
    • Code cleanup and refactoring (but gamelistviews)

  • Thank you so much for this amazing work! Just installed and looked at the new version. This is in my opinion THE most beautiful theme there is right now.

  • Theme designer

    @bloodsurfer thx, glad you like it!

  • Staff

    Nice work @mYSt .
    happy to see you use the svg console we made for recalbox standelone theme, inside your theme. Tank's for share it with the community ! :).

  • very nice theme

  • Theme designer

    Minor update available 0.7.1

    Project is now hosted on Github
    i've made a few changes while doing this :

    • Add new colorset called "game accent", this add some possible configurations with colorset option and improve some assets quality.
    • Fix psx Final Fantasy VII game theme was not "pixelate"
    • When a system has multiple game themes, system folder is now duplicate instead of media files inside it, this make it easier to switch game theme
    • 720p and 1080p images are non longer available as separate standalone downloads, 2 downloads package are now available from github, one including 720p and another one including 1080p images

  • for the amiga systeme maybe you put a screen form the best game of amiga style , super stardust , superfrog , turrican , zool ..... for amiga 600 , amiga 1200 and amiga cd32

  • Theme designer

    v0.8 available

    Added almost all missing systems for this version.
    Here are systems yet to be supported :

    • amstradcpc
    • channelf (i tried, but tough one, any game suggestion and/or pictures are welcome)
    • lutro
    • oric
    • ports (not sure what is it, any clue?)
    • thomson

    i'll be glad to have help for these last ones.

    Next version will focus on a complete gamelist view review as i'm not happy anymore with the actual one. I'll try to make something more consistent with the recent changes for system views.

    As usual here is the complete changelog and next some sreenshots of new systems with random theme settings

    • Add moonlight support
    • Add pc98 support
    • Add zxspectrum support (no specific music for now, play default random recalbox music)
    • Add zx81 support (no specific music for now, play default random recalbox music)
    • Add x68000 support
    • Add samcoupe support (same game as lynx but samcoupe music)
    • Add msx support
    • Add msx1 support
    • Add msx2 support
    • Add pcfx support
    • Add apple2 support
    • Add atari800 support
    • Add atarist support
    • Add pc/dos support
    • Add amigacd32 support
    • Add amigacdtv support
    • Add amiga600 support
    • Add amiga1200 support
    • Add c64 support
    • Minor fix on several logos
    • Smooth a bit noisy images
    • Improve n64 console contrast with background
    • Some musics normalization







  • Staff

    @myst ports is a system planned for the future, where pc games have been ported to a raspberry pi or linux. For instance, Doom has a libretro core called prboom and currently we have also prboom as an own system. To not expand the system list and, among others, make future theme developers less scary about the amount of supported systems, we plan to gather stuff like prboom, cavestory, maybe lutro and who know what else together with any future ports supported by recalbox in a single system called ports.

  • Theme designer

    @paradadf ok thx for the info, i guess i'll add cavestory/prboom images for next release

  • I recently noticed that the "scrolling" direction (for lack of a better word to describe it) feels kind of wrong when using the vertical wheel.

    For example, if I'm currently seeing the SNES system view, the NES is showing up two position down the wheel. Now my natural behavior when wanting to change to the NES is pressing the "down" button twice. What this does is the opposite of what I would expect, it moves upwards, away from where I wanted to go.

    Now this could be only my expectation, but if I remember correctly the recalbox-next wheel does the exact opposite of this, as do most other themes with wheel support.

    How would you feel about changing this or maybe making it a configuration parameter in the next release? Or is it really only me thinking this?

  • Theme designer

    @bloodsurfer Nice catch! Fixed for next release, you can apply patch manually for now, check this commit

  • Yay, thanks!

  • Staff

    Very nice work. Can't wait for a final version ;)

  • Staff

    @paradadf Perfect for my scooby cab ;) 0_1551428335270_IMG_20190228_194050.jpg

  • Theme designer

    @ian57 Hum i need to improve 4/3 compatibility, this is definitly not what it should looks like.

  • Staff

    @mYSt great work! looks good even if 4/3 compatibility is not at best ;)

  • Theme designer

    Version 0.8.1

    Just released a new version to add 4:3 support (and 16:10), i couldn't leave it as is when i saw @ian57 picture :), also fixed somme issues with 720p screens.
    Please read carefully download instructions for 16:10 users and users having memory issues with Raspberry Pi, when switching to 720p package on 1080p screen, i added instructions to force recalbox to run at 720p as weel as it will greatly improve image quality.


    • Add 4/3 screens support
    • Add 16/10 screens support
    • Add ports support (using cavestory game theme and prboom game theme as alternative)
    • Fix layout on 720p screens
    • Fix wheel scrolling direction

    @ian57 try 4:3 version and now you can tell me it didn't look great at all ;)

  • Staff

    @mYSt ok, i will make a test ASAP. Thanks for the job.

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