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[Recalbox 6.1+][Snap Videos][Custom mix] Next Pixel theme

  • Banned

    @biclope ah dslé si c'était pas explicite ds ton message en anglais que tu parlais de ce theme !

  • @voljega pourtant j'ai écrit "this theme" et "ce thème" hehe

  • Theme designer

    @biclope Hello, il y a effectivement un problème avec les musiques lorsque l'on coche l'option pour afficher directement la game list, par contre le problème n'est pas lié au thème ça vient de emulationstation, à voir plutôt avec @supernature2k ce qu'il en pense.

  • @myst Ok, merci pour l'info ! Je vais l'invoquer sur Discord pour lui demander un coup de main !

  • @mYSt
    This theme is awesome.
    But I wonder if it's possible to get the background images without the space for wheel or horizontal systemview (like the left part of the gamelist background but without that shadow but for the system background images).
    Because I want to change the gamelist view to my own needs.

    I hope it's not too confusing what I mean.

  • Theme designer

    @chevy1967 Hi thx for your feedback.
    You can download backgrounds here, hope this matches what you need.

  • @mYSt
    Thank you very much.
    This is exectly what I need.

  • I just want to add, I absolutely adore this theme! Using it on a 4:3 LCD monitor and the CRT edit of it works perfectly! Keep up the amazing work.

  • Theme designer

    @jimsicle Thx for your feedback!

  • Staff

    Your job is really amazing, I love it, thanks.

  • @mYSt thanks for your awesome theme!

    I wanted to ask you if there is any configuration to stop having the gliches and withe boxes on any of your version (1080, 720 or 480p) running 6.0 on rpi3 b plus?

    Dont have problems using it on PC, but in rpi i try everything with out luck.

    Please if you have any tips let me know.


  • Theme designer

    @mmonserrat84 Hi thx for your feedback, you'll find all tips from theme documentation.
    To summarise first try 720p and force recalbox to run at 720p as well, then try adjust gpu memory as well and finally if still having issues (but you shouldn't at this point) use 480p.

  • Theme designer

    New Recalbox release == new Next Pixel release

    After a glimpse with 1.1 release (only available for GPiCase), here is 1.2 release for Recalbox 6.1+. This version brings lots of new system themes along with lots of adjustments. Here are major new features you'll get with this version (and some features already added from 1.1 for those who missed it):

    • Add new package for small 4/3 screen with 320x240 resolution, compatible with GPiCase
    • Add random support from @voljega [script]
    • Add video scrapping support
    • Add arcade support with a collection style image
    • all recalbox 6.1 systems supported
    • lots of new alternative game themes for already existing systems
      Complete changelog for 1.2 and 1.1 is available here.

    Since more and more systems are available, i created Next Pixel website so you can see all system images along with all system alternatives. Most of you may have not noticed yet but lots of systems got several alternative images included. Read documentation to get more info on how to switch to alternate game theme for a system and don't be shy ask me if you want a new one.

    Check initial post for more info.

    And last but not least enjoy Recalbox 6.1 and Next Pixel theme 1.2!





  • Hello,
    Can you confirm that the pack for the GPi Case is this one?


  • Theme designer

    @jejehtc yes that's it

  • Hi @mYSt Thanks, great new backgrounds :)

    Unfortunately I have an issue with music:
    I just upgraded to RB 6.1 and latest 720p version 1.2 of Next Pixel theme on Pi 3B+. Now music of your theme ist much louder than sound in-game. I have no idea how to fix this, but I guess the only way would be to reduce volume of sound files in your theme...?

    I have another suggestion about alternate theme for future: A Resident Evil theme for psx and/or dreamcast would be great! :)

  • Theme designer

    @lhari84 Oui des ajustements des sons de recalbox ont été fait juste avant la sortie, je n'ai pas eu le temps de normaliser mes pistes dessus, ca sera corrigé dans la prochaine version

    Edit : Pour resident evil si tu veux le 1 ou le 2 c'est pas gagné il y a très peu pour pas dire pas de source interessante sur le net, assez surprenant pour ces 2 jeux culte

  • @myst I‘m not speaking french, but Google translator helped a bit.
    Thanks for normalization of audio.

    regarding resident evil backgrounds, that‘s really strange because of part 1 & 2 there are even remakes on many platforms that should guarantee source material. too bad :(
    ...RE code veronica (main part of the series on dreamcast) has no remakes yet, in this case it‘s even worse for sure.

  • Theme designer


    text alternatif

  • @myst Looks fabulous!
    Does the preview-video come from screenscraper?

    A bit off-topic, but as you already are implementing it, you maybe have an answer:
    Is it possible to add preview videos only, WITHOUT touching other meta-data of existing gamelist?
    I'm asking because it took me a long, long time (almost got insane :D ) to modify and correct everthing to what I'd call perfection (correct titles, release dates, genres, descriptions, pictures...) Screensraper data is good, but many things are incomplete, in a bad format or wrong so far, though.
    So I don't want to re-scrape everything and correct it again, but just ONLY ADD the preview-videos to existing meta-data...
    I'm currently using software "Skraper", if this helps.

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