[Complete][Recalbox 6.0] Next Pixel theme

  • Really a great theme. I have a problem with my 1080p version. When i stop a game and go back to the menue the screen starts to flicker.

    Any ideas to fix?

    Thanks very much for this great theme and the work and time you invested

  • Themer

    @reaper Sounds like a memory issue. Are you using it on a respberrry? In that case could you try 720p version.

  • @myst Yes. Using it on a Pi 3 B. Will try the 720p Version later on. When i change back to the original theme everything works fine.

  • Themer

    @reaper This theme use lots of images and as explained in original post raspberry has not that much memory to handle it, so you should switch to 720p. And that's why original theme works fine (it doesn't use background image, so no memory issue).

  • OK. But when i use the 720p Version i dont have to change the config.

    Sorry but i am new on recalbox

  • Themer

    @reaper Editing config.txt is just a recommandation when using 720p on 1080p screens to get better image quality, but you can just grab and install 720p as 1080p and it'll work just fine as is.

  • @myst I installed 720p and now it works. Thanks. How did you scraped your files? I used xml scraper but i only can scrape the standard three way information

  • Themer

  • Themer

    Version 0.9 is out

    This is not a secret this version was focus on new gamelist view, hope you'll like it since old one is removed as it was not matching system view design anymore, so no gamelist legacy as i've done it with systemview.

    I had to remove 16:10 screen compatibility as it is now too much work to maintain with new gamelist view, please let me know if you are a 16:10 screen user, if i evaluate there is enough people using this ratio i may add it back in a future release.

    Next release (1.0!) will focus on addding the last 5 missing systems, and add missing custom rating icons from the new gamelist view.

    Changelog (small one but this was time consuming :)

    • Add new gamelist view (old gamelist view is removed)
    • Change a bit Cavestory/fds/nds images framing
    • Change psx and gamecube logos for vertical wheel
    • Remove 16:10 support




  • @myst i´ve checked scraper out. Is there any kind of a guide how to use the interface?

    Version 0.9 great work

  • Super ton theme !! j'adore Merçi Beaucoup !!
    Si jamais tu rajoute un theme Crazy Taxi pour la dreamcast ça serait tip top ;)
    EDIT: Pas vu le theme Naomi Crazy Taxi !!! encore merci !!

  • Themer

    @reaper none i'm aware of, but interface is pretty intuitive @Bkg2k did a good work (if i'm not mistaken it's your work? ;-)

  • Oh non... le liste des jeux est maintenant à droite ?!
    Pour moi c'est rédhibitoire...

    J'attendais qu'il soit fini, j'attends plus. :/

  • Bonsoir ,
    Comment télécharger ce thème ?
    En 4/3 à chaque fois que je le télécharge , j'ai l'archive est d'un format inconnu ou endommagée winrar

  • @raspberrypijp60 said in Next Pixel theme:

    Bonsoir ,
    Comment télécharger ce thème ?
    En 4/3 à chaque fois que je le télécharge , j'ai l'archive est d'un format inconnu ou endommagée winrar
    Good evening,
    How to download this theme?
    In 4/3 each time I download it, I have the archive is an unknown format or damaged winrar

  • Themer

    @raspberrypijp60 Hello, je viens de le tester le lien du zip pas de soucis de mon coté, retente un coup pour voir

  • @myst Merci, j'ai enfin réussi sur github (version 0,9). Ce fichier pèse dans les 570m0 mais les mérite largement.

  • Bonsoir Myst et tout le monde.
    Superbe travail comme d'habitude, thème magnifique, un must !
    Ca va hyper bien avec notre nouvelle version de février :o)
    Comme dirait Baloo : "Il en faut peu pour être heureux, vraiment très peu pour être heureux" :D

  • i dont arrive to use the colorset same of you teaser why ???

  • Moderator

    @virus-man said in Next Pixel theme:

    i dont arrive to use the colorset same of you teaser why ???

    Heureusement @mYSt parle français aussi
    Donc utilise cette langue @ViRuS-MaN

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