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[Complete][Recalbox 6.0] Next Pixel theme

  • @myst great, thanks!!! :)

  • Tester

    @dack said in Next Pixel theme:

    Does the light version has a no border option too ?

    yes it has as well (that's 2 different options)

  • this theme can be used in batocera pc?

  • Tester

    @argelfrias someone seems to have pb using this theme and batocera, since recalbox use its own emulationstation fork (which add some nice features) it may not work properly with unofficial recalbox versions.

  • Tester

    Version 0.6 now available!

    It includes a lot of new supported systems, all consoles, handheld consoles and arcades are now supported. Some tweaking have been done to actual images/musics as well.
    Benhind the scene i've worked a lot on my source files to get ready for an eventual right vertical wheel (hopefully it may come out next release).

    Here the full changelog :

    • Add 3ds support
    • Add gamecube support
    • Add saturn support
    • Add wii support
    • Add pokemini support (using same image as gameboy color, no specific music for now, play default random recalbox music)
    • Add jaguar support
    • Add 3do support
    • Add ds and fds support with same image
    • Add intellivision support
    • Add supergrafx support
    • Add satellaview support (using same image as snes but bs zelda music)
    • Add sufami support (no specific music for now, play default random recalbox music)
    • Add wonderswan color support
    • Add wonderswan support
    • Add vectrex support (no specific music for now, play default random recalbox music)
    • Add odyssey2/videopac support (no specific music for now, play default random recalbox music)
    • Add sg1000 support
    • Add cavestory alternative image
    • Change fba_libretro and colecovision image (still Donkey Kong but i hope better one)
    • Change pcengine game theme as image was not consistent with others (showing in game footage)
    • Change lynx music (same but lynx version :)
    • Modify atari 2600 image so we can't read game title anymore
    • Modify favorite/imageviewer logo and remove their "console" logo
    • Fix neogeocd, 3ds, ds logos to match other logos style
    • Flip several system images for consistency and in prevision of right vertical wheel
    • Move images to system root folder and rename system.ogg files to music.ogg


  • @myst said in Next Pixel theme:

    Benhind the scene i've worked a lot on my source files to get ready for an eventual right vertical wheel (hopefully it may come out next release).

    That's great news, thank you so much for all the work you are putting into this!

  • @myst Thanks once again!

    is there any chance to do a (even) light(er) version? still having issues sometimes when i exit games, rating graphics and backgrounds have to reload and this takes time. sometimes there are glitches (white boxes instead of rating graphics for example while loading)
    on the other hand, i don‘t unterstand why this even happens at all in technical point of view... because holding some static graphics in ram can‘t be such a big deal for the pi?!
    maybe it‘s an issue of emulationstation? hope in this case it will be fixed in next version of recalbox.
    currently i can‘t test in latest february beta, cause preparing for vacation. i‘ll check in about 2 weeks :)

  • Tester

    @lhari84 hello, unfortunatly i can't do anything about image loading. Only thing to do for now is reduce system count and/or reduce image resolution. You can try to reduce images to 480p instead of 720p but i'm not sure how it will look at such a low resolution.

    @paradadf if you come over here, i guess memory limitation for theme is already a known issue for dev team but is it something you plan to improve (if at all possible)? is it a hardware and/or software issue?

  • Staff

    @myst well, I don‘t have the programming skills to help with that, but I know the memory issues were greatly reduced in our EmulationStation‘s fork. But yes, there still are funny behaviours when too heavy themes are loaded and too many systems activated on lower memory devices. Hopefully this will be improver further in the future.

  • Tester

    @paradadf Ok thx for the info

  • Tester



  • Wow, that already looks amazing!

    I have too ask, since you are doing this fantastic work, are you doing something like this professionally , e.g. graphics design? You definitely seem to be very talented.

    Could I wish for an alternative image and sound for the SNES? I was thinking of Final Fantasy VI. It's one of the best 16 bit rpgs ever made and Terra's theme is such an iconic and wonderful masterpiece in scores.
    It might be one of the greatest video game sound tracks ever made.

  • Tester

    @bloodsurfer Thx, i'm definitly not a designer, i'm an freelancer Android developer but i work closely with designers almost every day, so i guess i'm a bit aware of design/ux and tools such as photoshop/illustrator.

  • @myst , it's look great!

  • Tester

    teasing #2
    Need more time to polish it but release coming this weekend i guess



  • you dont put screen for the system channelf ???

  • Tester

    @virus-man not yet supported

  • You can't use out system logos, please remove them from your theme. You can actually use them if you credit our team. But our team tag is forbidden on the Recalbox forum so you either

    • Can have the theme here without our logos


    • Cannot have the theme here with our logo but you have to add credit to our theme in your readme.


  • Tester

    @freemanqc Hi, you must be mistaken i have modified all recalbox-next logos on my own to add a white border and i explicitly write it from readme file that everything is based on recalbox-next (and nothing else), this fully respects recalbox-next theme license.

  • it s possible you thinking to support this systeme please

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