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[Complete][Recalbox 6.0] Next Pixel theme

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  • Hi, this theme is great!! If you have time left, I'd be very happy when you could add following systems:

    • coleco
    • dos
    • dreamcast
    • fba_libretro
    • fds
    • pcenginecd
    • psp
    • sg1000

    Thanks :)

  • Moderator

    New systems are coming in the next Recalbox release:

    • Oric/Atmos
    • Atari 5200
    • Atari 8bits (800/XL/XE series)
    • PC-FX (Japaneese computer)
    • PC98 (Japanesse computer)
    • Amiga CD32
    • SAM Coupé (British old computer)
    • Atari Jaguar
    • Mattel Intellivision
    • Fairchild Channel-F
    • Pokémon Mini
    • Neogeo CD

    Yes I know: Lot of additional work for theme makers! ^^

  • @bkg2k Is the Atari Jaguar PC only or also pi3 ?

  • Moderator

  • @bkg2k I hope new final will be released soon. Not because of new systems, those are not so important for me. But support for Pi3 B+ and its integrated, well working bluetooth - even with latest beta :)

    I hope maker of this theme will release a version for „good old“ systems from my list above first, because I guess many people use them too. And I really like this mod of recalbox next-theme. It brings a modern interface with big retro feeling in one package :)

  • Tester

    @lhari84 Thx for your comment i'll try to add some new systems soon (it's pretty hard to find out a nice image that match my theme with really old system though).
    @Bkg2k @paradadf Any chance to be able to edit its own post? it's really odd and not really user friendly having to reply to its own post to add new screenshot and new features.

  • Moderator

    @myst sent me your formatted text in a private message and I‘ll modify your first post entirely.
    This is a measure to prevent people from erasing useful information after the community helped them.

  • Tester

    @paradadf Great thx! I'll let you know when i need to update this post :)

  • @myst Thanks, great!
    I can imagine, it‘s not too easy finding hd graphics that match...

    Here some ideas, I guess you could find some usable material on the internet:

    donkey kong (classic)

    warcraft 2 or command & conquer

    resident evil (code veronica)


    super mario bros

    prince of persia

    lumines or need for speed

    difficult... maybe something from game „flicky“

  • Tester

    Thx for the list, I started looking for games yesterday for dreamcast and psp and i thought shenmue for dreamcast and god of war chains of olympus for psp would match well. What do you think of those games? I have never owned any systems from your list so i'm not sure about these games popularity, looks like shenmue pretty well defined dreamcast though.
    Anyway like i've done with playstation system i may add different alternatives for a system to make everybody happy as long as the game picked still well defined the system, when possible using exclusive game from a system is the right way to go.

  • @myst
    I've never owned one of these systems too, except DOS :D Just played with friends' Dreamcast and PSP once or twice...

    But some of the systems, like Coleco and fba_libretro (MAME alternative) are very impressive.

    In the meanwhile I've removed some systems from my Recalbox though, as they are (almost) Japanese and not so important to me: sg1000 and fds.

    Further, for fba_libretro, I just copied background and music from neogeo, because I use it also for NeoGeo emulation and so this is a good option. Metal Slug is fine :)

    In conclusion, personally I'm only missing coleco, dos, dreamcast, pcenginecd and psp for now :)

    Regarding your questions:
    I think Shenmue is a good option for dreamcast!
    For PSP I'd use another one, because God of War seems not to run good on Pi3, so it's not for everyone. Maybe Lumines, LocoRoco or Patapon? They all seem to be exclusive.

  • @myst
    ... just copied doom's background and music to dos (pc), as it's a game that defined dos too.
    So I'm only missing: coleco, dreamcast, pcenginecd and psp :)

  • @myst
    ... one more idea:
    pcengine cd seems to be almost defined by castlevania. I guess there is also much material to find on the net.

  • Tester

    So here it is, version 0.4 is available! Initial post is up to date with this version, if you come from version 0.3 here is the changelog :

    • Add dreamcast support
    • Add psp support
    • Add pcengine cd support
    • Add colecovision support
    • Change atari 5200 image
    • Improve basic/details view design

  • @myst wow, thank you so much! Looks so great, cannot wait to have a look on big tv screen in the evening ;)

    Just one more question about music:
    I saw for PSP you've chosen graphics from game Patapon, right?
    The music ogg music file doesn't seem to be from this game, I'm not sure... Maybe you could replace with something like that?

    Also, because of its length, current music file is very big (19.2 MB). Don't know how recalbox handles audiofiles, especially on Raspberry Pi, but maybe it's not good for performance though. Can't tell...

    I'd suggest to give this thread a "Pinned" state, so more users are able to find this theme easily. It's really the best one I personally could find here in forum.

  • Tester

    @lhari84 PSP image is from Lumines II and music should be from Lumines. I can try to change music but it looks like this one was popular for Lumines (accordingly to youtube likes) if you have any suggestion i'm all ears.

  • @myst Ok, thanks for info. As I only know Lumines 1, I have not recognized it. So everything is fine. Thanks once again!

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