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  • In Mupen64plus on my XU4 I can't find an option for filters anywhere in the cfg file. Anyone know how to add filters as the ones that are on the front end scanlines and retro do not work with the N64 GLideN64. I guess because the n64 emulation is standalone?
    I do love recalbox though. Out of all the images I've tried this one works brilliantly after plenty of tinkering and getting used to SBC and Linux.

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    @tobyrieper I never tested filters on the standalone version. But you can change the core to the libretro one (Glupen64) and use filters there.

  • @paradadf wonderful. Thank you for your reply. I've messed around with the config file so much in Mupen and got it working with my n64 controller adapters so I'll probably stick to mupen64 for a bit. Would it be easy enough to carry my controller configs over to glupen?Which has the better performance and less glitchy for 64? I don't want another week of trial and error if I can help it.
    Cheers 🙂

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    @tobyrieper libretro cores should easy to remap over the retroarch menu. About performance... usually the standalone does better, but that doesn’t mean glupen64 is worst.

  • OK I will try and experiment with it. I've learnt so much already. Recalbox is great. Definitely my favourite of the distributions. I posted a topic also about not being able to select rice core for mupen plus. I would really like to try it out but can't figure out how I can select it

    Any help you can give would be appreciated.

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