Testers wanted: major system upgrade (Pi3b+, KODI 17 and much more ...)

  • Plus aucun émulateur ne fonctionne, je n'es rien toucher, juste l'association de ma 8bitdo nes pro, retour a la liste des jeux même après plusieurs reboot :/
    Pi3B+ 64go+1 disque dure externe

  • Hi, happy new year. I dont know if there is a bug or just i dont know how to configure, but when i play mame games and i press up or down on the 1gamepad appear downscreen a quick menu of overclocking, bright...


  • hi there
    Happy new year to all

    using beta christmas edition

    when adding system to es_systems.cfg
    (for example adding cps1 cps2 cps3 using fba)
    then fba system disappear
    only latest system added in es_systems.cfg appears

    (btw: thoses lines added works on latest stable version)

    my lines added looks like this

    <extension>.zip .ZIP .fba .FBA .7z .7Z</extension>
    <command>python /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/configgen/emulatorlauncher.pyc %CONTROLLERSCONFIG% -system %SYSTEM% -rom %ROM% -emulator %EMULATOR% -core %CORE% -ratio %RATIO% %NETPLAY%</command>
      <emulator name="libretro">


    so in this example,of course others are in the es_systems.cfg,but only the last system ,cps2, can be selected and visible
    others one (cps1/cps3 and of course fba) are invisible

    can someone confirm or i have done something wrong?

  • Themer

    @tylerdurden67 this has nothing to do with beta version and its bugs ....

  • @voljega if thoses changed lines works like this on last stable version and not in beta,for me its correct its an bug

  • Themer

    @tylerdurden67 It would'nt work in main version either as you made an obvious error, so no nothing to do with beta version.

    Besides it is custom unsupported modification with has absolutely nothing to do with standard recalbox version.

    So if you want help on this subject, open a thread and do not pollute this one.

  • Moderator

    @tylerdurden67 change name and/or fullname since they are used now as unique keys to identify systems.

  • @dalittlebosssam said in Testers wanted: major system upgrade (Pi3b+, KODI 17 and much more ...):

    @lexx I have the exact same issue. Also with a 3b+. Problem occured just after movie scrapping. My library is not local though: it's on an smb share.
    Now, just like for you, kodi is totally unusable, crashing to emulstation after the splashcreen.

    Hello, Same issue here.
    My storage is on an smb share too.
    I think this issue is a general issue for scrapping (game and movie)

  • Can anybody tell if issues with "System Security" are fixed in new version?
    I don't want to enable it in my current beta installation on Pi3 B+ to avoid destroying anything.

    Here the main questions:

    • Will it be possible to enable system security without bricking anything else (Web Manager, etc.)?
    • Will the Web Manager + Virtual GamePads be password protected too, after enabling system security?

    Here the reference thread with description of the whole bug in previous stable versions:

    Happy new year everybody!

  • Je mepose une petite question , penser vous que une fois la version STABLE disponible il faudra réinstallé le tout ? ou une update sera possible ?

  • Hello,
    My feedback for this Xmas Beta :

    Setup is RPi3B (NOT plus), Shanwan PS3 controllers with external BT dongle, 16Go Sandisk card (fresh install of course), test game Classic DonkeyKong.

    My attention is mainly focused on the controllers with whom I had problems with the latest stable version : I needed to pair them with Bluez driver but needed to change to Shanwan driver to work with Kodi.

    With Xmas Beta, Shanwan PS3 controllers need to be remapped, mainly for Hotkey missing, other buttons seem OK (before I remap them I could not exit of Classic DonkeyKong but no problem during the game).
    Even with the controllers remapped and fully working in ES and games I had to remap them in Kodi. The configuration of the controllers is not read by (or transmitted to) Kodi. I've tested the controllers with Bluez and Shanwan drivers : same behavior.
    The swap of the driver (Bluez to Shanwan needed in the last stable) no longer seems useful, Bluez manages very well Shanwan controllers in ES, games or Kodi once they have been remapped.

    Thank you for the job and Happy new year everybody

  • Moderator

    @snipy Non, comme cela a été dit plusieurs fois, le système de mise à jour ne reprendra qu'une fois la stable sortie.
    En attendant les beta ET la prochaine stable devront être réinstallées from scratch

  • @bkg2k Hello, pour mon info, quand vous dites qu'il faudra tout réinstaller from scratch, est ce que ça veut dire (dans le cas ou les roms sont sur une clé USB), qu'il faudra également tout refaire sur cette clé et de fait perdre les sauvegardes et confugurations d'émulateurs ?
    J'ai fait un test de la Beta (nouvelle SD) en faisant une copie de la clé USB que j'utilise sur la dernière stable et ça a fonctionné "partiellement" (pas mal de bugs, mais visiblement rencontrés par d'autres), je me dis que les bugs viennent peut-être de là du coup ?

  • @brikkou : On réinstallera uniquement la SD. Mais complètement avec Etcher. En cas de craintes, tu fais une copie de ta clé usb sur ton pc pour pouvoir tout remettre après si tu veux.

  • @oldgreg ok merci. Bon du coup c'est bien ce que j'ai fait pour tester la beta ;)

  • Moderator

    To those who have difficulties to save Recalbox configuration on external devices, please can you post more information:

    • What is not saved?
    • Configured from the Webmanager or from EmulationStation (or both)?
    • What's the file format of your external device (Fat32, exFat, other, ...)?

    A ceux qui ont des difficulté à sauver la configuration de Recalbox sur les disques/clefs externes, pouvez vous donner des informations plus précises:

    • Quelle config n'est pas sauvée?
    • Configuré par le Webmanager ou par EmulationStation (ou les deux) ?
    • Quel est le système de fichier du périphérique USB utilisé (Fat32, exFat, autre, ...)?

  • @bkg2k
    Hi, I'm also having the same problem @tylerdurden67
    its I change the name of the system, the recalbox recognizes all roms, however I can not execute any of them. none works.
    I'm also trying to split the FBA_LIBRETO into 3 CPS1 CPS1 and CPS3 systems.

    if I leave everyone with the name fba_libreto, only 1 system is recognized and runs the roms perfectly, but if I rename the systems for CPS1, cps2 and cps3, all 3 are recognized, but none are executed.

    Could you help me with this?

  • Themer

    @lauderneto As already told to @TylerDurden67 can you please respect this subject ?
    Your custom modifications and your inability to do them correctly as absolutely nothing to do with the subject of the beta and its bug.

    Open a dedicated thread if you want help.

  • @voljega said in Testers wanted: major system upgrade (Pi3b+, KODI 17 and much more ...):

    @lauderneto As already told to @TylerDurden67 can you please respect this subject ?
    Your custom modifications and your inability to do them correctly as absolutely nothing to do with the subject of the beta and its bug.
    Open a dedicated thread if you want help

    sorry, I thought this was a bug, because in previous versions it works normally. as I now have a PI3 +, I can only use this beta. I thought I was doing something wrong, but I saw a colleague from the forum claim the same problem.

    I will not bother you anymore

  • Hello
    I'm using the beta on a raspi3B+ ,and it's stable but...

    • i can't associated my PS4 controller
    • arcade stick is unavalaible
    • the overclocking is at 1375 max
    • i can't (or i don't understand) put overlays
      It's a great ES , thanks !!!!!!!

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