Raspberry Pi 4

For information, Recalbox IS NOT compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 yet.
Pour information, Recalbox N'EST PAS encore compatible avec le Raspberry Pi 4.

The Recalbox Team.

Testers wanted: major system upgrade (Pi3b+, KODI 17 and much more ...)

  • Hi all,

    Great job Recalbox team on the new Christmas Beta. Seems to be running great so far but I am having an issue where the Scraper is not creating or modifying the gamelist.xml when Scraping. I have manually tried updating the Games List but no metadata is shown for these games. Manually Scraping a single game also doesn't add the metadata.

    Seems like an issue in this Beta? I've tried rebuilding the SD card 3 times with the same results. Not system specific - using Screenscraper as the Scraper.

    Any workaround known?

    Many thanks!

    :EDIT: Just noted the post above mine - looks like the same issue?

  • Bonsoir
    Petit rapport de bugs de ce que j'ai testé vite fait depuis la beta de Noël sur Pi3 (µSD SanDisk 16go)
    Désolé si les erreurs sont redondantes et déjà signalées par d'autres membres.

    • Toujours pas de musiques sur Prboom malgré le bon cheminement des fichiers
    • La Dreamcast ne fonctionne plus (Les bios sont conforment)
    • Le scrap ne se sauvegarde pas
    • Problème de low voltage par moment. (J'utilise une alim Aukru 5v3a, un HDD 2to Maxtor connecté sur un hub USB alimenté, boitier retroflag snespicase + ventilateur)
    • Intellevision: Le clavier numérique ne fonctionne pas sur certains jeux
    • Manque les systèmes Naomi, Atomiswave, Model3, SegaM2, GX4000, Philips CDi, PCFX, Nintendo 64DD, Supervision, etc.... LOL :-D <3

  • Tested in RPi 3B+ with roms and OS on microSD and PS3 controller.

    • PS3 Controller didnt work wireless at the first 20 tries, so I thought Its just not supported yet. After more then one hour testing with the new image I unplugged the cable and the controller then connected (a bit strange... ). on RPi 3B with the last image everything worked flawless. So there is a new bug.

    • Network always says "Not connected" either via wifi or ethernet cable. This caused me to bot beeing able to scrap the games. But it was connected to my network and accessable from the internet (tested the port on netplay). So there is a new bug.

    • Deleting the last game in a gamelist or the screenshotlist (by using select->edit meta data ->delete) will cause the system to freeze (this bug was also in the past images of recalbox).

    • I had a few restarts at the beginning where the box suddenly (in idle with no input) rebooted or freezed. This happened about 5-6 times. After this everything worked with not freeze or reboot EXCEPT one almost reporducable behaviour:
      If I config my PS3 controller there is sometimes a sudden restart. This comes more likely if I hit the buttons fast.
      Happened with 18.07.13 on RPi 3B and with this christmas image on RPi 3B+.

    So far it works pretty stable and good.
    I'm sure there will be more performance in the future because the games "only" run as fast as on RPi 3B. (RPi 3B clocked to 1350MHz and RPi 3B+ clocked to 1500MHz.... ).
    Theoretically the RPi 3B+ should be a bit faster but its not.

    Thanks for the great work!

  • like @aerao I also get gamelist.xml.xml in the rom folders. Not sure if it happened automatically or after trying to scrap.

  • Banned

    @phil333 said in Testers wanted: major system upgrade (Pi3b+, KODI 17 and much more ...):

    fter more then one hour testing with the new image I unplugged the cable and the controller then connected (a bit strange... ). on RPi 3B with the last image everything worked flawless. So there is a new bug.

    It's supposed to work like that, please at least read documentation

  • @dalittlebosssam thank you for your answer. I actually thought my backups were damaged.

  • @sp0ony said in Testers wanted: major system upgrade (Pi3b+, KODI 17 and much more ...):

    Le problème de scraping peut-il être général aux différentes versions ?

    J'ai remis l'ancienne beta 3b+ pour voir, dans les mêmes conditions :

    • Même carte SD 128Go formattée
    • Roms transférées sur la carte SD (et gamelist.xml supprimés)

    => J'ai les mêmes symptômes lors du scraping qu'avec la BETA de Noël :

    • Extrêmement lent
    • Ne crée pas/modifie pas de gamelist.xml
    • impossible de l'arrêter.

    Et dans les logs, j'ai : [lvl0: ScraperHttpRequest network error (status: 2) - Error]

    Par contre, pas de soucis pour les favoris sur cette version.

    Nouveau test avec l'ancienne Beta rpi3b+ sur la SD avec la dernière version d'Etcher.
    Aucune modification ni ajout de jeu effectué : le scraping échoue toujours.
    En espérant que ça aide...

    New test with the old rpi3b+ beta and the last Etcher version.
    The scraping fails without modification and no rom uploaded.
    Hope this helps.

  • J'ai refait une installation sur une micro sd(Sandisk ultra 256go) avec Etcher dernière version, et en faite a la fin il me dit que ma sd ne fait que 2 go quand je veut remettre mes bios, roms ect... plus de place :/
    Pourtant il me semblais quelle était compatible?
    Version Pi3B+

  • Bon et bien j'ai installer sur une autre sd de 64go et cela a fonctionner, j'ai mis mes roms sur un disque externe en réglant sur "gamelist only", et j'ai réussi a associer ma manette 8bitDo nes Pro, par contre quand je suit en jeu et que j’appuie sur START sa quitte le jeu ! et toujours le A inverser avec B...

  • @marco-polo Avant de lancer balenaEtcher, as tu essayé de préparer ta carte SD avec le soft MiniTool Partition Wizard ?
    c'est celui que j'utilise et franchement il est super.

    Une fois le soft lancé, tu fais un clic droit sur ta carte sd et tu clic sur "delete all partitions".
    Si c'est déjà fait tu fait ensuite un clic droit sur la partition de la carte et tu clic sur "create". Dans la nouvelle fenêtre qui s'affiche tu vas dans "File system" et tu choisis Fat32 dans le menu déroulant,
    tu clic sur ok (en bas), et ensuite en haut à gauche du soft tu clic sur "Apply".
    Te voilà ensuite avec une carte SD de 256Go formaté nickel en FAT32 et prêt à recevoir l'OS Recalbox.

    Peut être que cela résoudra ton problème.

  • Hello!
    What is "batocera-linux" for RasPi ?
    It looks like Recalbox and works on 3B+!
    Is it a fork of Recalbox or an unofficial clone?
    Where are the differences between both and which system is actually better for 3B+ ? 🤓

  • @pattick76

    Oh Oh! I think you opened the "box of pandora" with this question ^^.

    Ok, so... Batocera is a fork of Recalbox.

    One (or more, i don't know exactly) team-members/developers of former Recalbox got in a twist/fight with another one (or more) about the way Recalbox should be evolved/developed and decided to to his (their) own thing and so created batocera-linux. Or he decided to do his own thing parallel to Recalbox and then got into trouble, i don't know :(
    Someone was accused of stealing code or to have stated something under his name, which is not his right (or something like that).
    That is as far, as i was understanding (please correct me, if i'm wrong, I only heard the whole thing in fragments, see here for example: https://batocera-linux.xorhub.com/forum/d/815-shame-on-recalbox).
    For me as an outsider everything was very confusing and i still do not know, what happened exactly.

    As for Raspberry Pi, the differences between Recalbox and Batocera are not earth-shattering in my opinion.
    Recalbox has netplay (which i only tested a view times and i'm not really using it, because it has too much lag and therefore is not really fun) and web-manager (with some usefull features, but i'm not missing it in Batocera, and for RPI2 and RPI3B (without +) in my experience, it causes too much cpu-load in the background, so that for example you can not use Run-Ahead Feature in some games, which also demands cpu-power. But you can deactivate the web-manager).
    And Recalbox has a more modern Theme with more features (also more themes in general).
    In most of other aspects, for RPI, Recalbox and Batocera are almost the same and are both good. Best is, you make your own experience and decide for yourself.

    But where Batocera is definitely better, is the PC-Version (x86_64).
    In the newest version you have Saturn, PS2 and even 3DS support (with newest beta).

    Batocera in general also gets more/faster updates than Recalbox.
    For example Batocera supported RPI3B+ already since 01.05.2018 (so about a half year faster, than Recalbox.. oh, and Kodi 17 has also been part of Batocera for over a year or so).

    I hope this post does not get deleted by one of the moderators here.
    If so, i apologize for writing this all.
    Please do not understand this post as an accusation or criticism.

  • @joinski THX very much for explaining for me.
    So, now you can delete your post.😉
    Very interesting story! 🧐

  • Staff

    @joinski @Pattick76 we never delete any posts here, only spam and such.
    And to be clear, recalbox is opensource and anyone can fork any part of the project, but people should always respect the license and give proper credit to the authors, that’s something some people are not capable to understand.
    This is not the place to such conversations so please keep within the topic.

  • @aerao Yop ^^ j'ai tout tenter mais a chaque fois il ne vois que 2go, mais ce n'est pas grave, javait une autre sd de 64go avec un disque dure usb de 2to et tout passe nikel ^^

  • Bonjour à tous,

    Comme beaucoup le scrap ES ne fonctionne pas et les favoris disparaissent à chaque reboot.
    Pourtant, les images relatives aux roms sont bien présentes dans le répertoire downloaded_images.
    Il semblerait que le problème tourne autour de l'écriture du fichier gamelist.xml (d'ailleurs, un fichier gamelist.xml.xml est également présent mais à quoi peu il servir ?) sur la carte SD.
    De même pour les favoris, la balise <favorite>true</favorite> ne peut être écrite puisque le fichier gamelist.xml ne contient pas les informations relatives aux roms.
    J'ai écris le fichier xml manuellement pour 2-3 roms histoire de tester : la balise <favorite>true</favorite> n'est pas écrite non plus lorsque j'ajoute une rom en favori depuis l'interface.
    Par contre, si je rajoute la balise <favorite>true</favorite> manuellement, alors ES en tient compte au prochain reboot.
    Pas d'infos dans les logs concernant ce sujet. Y a-t-il une option pour avoir un mode DEBUG et une log plus verbeuse ?

  • I'd like to report something with this beta release. Most times, I click on a game and it sends me back to the menu; doesn't matter what game it is. Restarting doesn't help, either.

  • @paradadf

    Ok, i understand.
    Sorry again for posting such a long text off topic.

    To come back to topic i want to tell you, what i noticed, when testing the PC-version (x64) of the christmas beta:
    My PS3 controller works out-of-the-box, all buttons work except for the hotkey and control within kodi. I had to remap the controller and after hat, hotkey works, but control within kodi still not.
    Did not test much more so far, but i will and i will then give further feedback.

    Is it ok, to post here some wishes/requests for further/more features?

  • @voljega said in Testers wanted: major system upgrade (Pi3b+, KODI 17 and much more ...):

    @phil333 said in Testers wanted: major system upgrade (Pi3b+, KODI 17 and much more ...):

    fter more then one hour testing with the new image I unplugged the cable and the controller then connected (a bit strange... ). on RPi 3B with the last image everything worked flawless. So there is a new bug.

    It's supposed to work like that, please at least read documentation

    @voljega Maybe I lost my ability to read during christmas, but where exacly in the documentation is written, that you have to connect a PS3 controller +1h via cable to get a BT connection?

    I said before that I tried it 20 times to connect...
    That includes the documented pairing process with cable etc. like I did on my RPi 3B before.
    Please just read a post entirely before you blame someone.

  • Staff

    @joinski this is not the place for feature requests either. Only report bugs and share archive supports ;)

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