Raspberry Pi 4

For information, Recalbox IS NOT compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 yet.
Pour information, Recalbox N'EST PAS encore compatible avec le Raspberry Pi 4.

The Recalbox Team.

Testers wanted: major system upgrade (Pi3b+, KODI 17 and much more ...)

  • @toniosj same problems, Save favorites doesnt work too => recalbox crash. Beta version is not yet stable. You have to be patient 🙂

  • Prompt why on the Chinese gamepad analog sticks work as a simple cross? When pressing home button it on the computer and retropie all switches , recalbox not be switched. What could be the problem?0_1545464592375_f1d891ae-2082-4eff-90fd-ec6f6b8e5eb1.jpg

  • Bonjour la communauté,

    Comment dois-je exactement mettre à jour recalbox.conf pour ne pas briquer ma SD ?

    1. Stop ES.
    2. Mettre à jour le fichier recalbox.conf
    3. Start ES
    4. Lancer la mise à jour depuis le menu d'options de la recalbox

    Voici le texte que j'ai actuellement.

    ------------ G - UPDATES ------------

    Automatically check for updates at start (0,1)


    Update type : default to stable


  • hello!
    i install recalbox from direct link PI3 B+ and i edit recalbox.conf like this :

    ------------ G - UPDATES ------------

    Automatically check for updates at start (0,1)


    Update type : default to stable


    when i ran update, an error message as show. someone help me ?

    or else, reicast does not lunch, i need to replace bios from others download here DO NOT POST LINKS TO COPYRIGHTED CONTENT!!!
    now it's work.

    and last, i need to set overclock on turbo or extrem mode to have correct fps rate with n64, reicast. is it normal on rpi 3b+ ? doesn't be more powerfull than rpi2 ?

    i will test psx now ^^

  • oh santa, what should i do?! 😄

  • Global moderator

    Hello everybody,

    please read 1st post : Santa Claus exists!

    Disable updates in the appropriate menu. Until the final release is available, NO UPDATE AT ALL.

    Images links:

    Rasberry Pi:
    •Pi 3B & 3B+ : 1st post
    •Pi 2 : not yet available (compilation in progress, please wait...)
    •Pi 0 & 1 : not yet available (compilation in progress, please wait...)

    •C2 : 1st post
    •XU4(Q) : 1st post

    •32bits: 1st post
    •64bits: 1st post

  • Developer
    Global moderator

    Santa Claus is working hard 😉

  • Thank you very much for that great effort. Congratulations to the team.

    Merry Christmas

  • Cette ligne "https://review-507-bump-b-0jn0c0-archive-review-prod.recalbox.com" et toujours à modifier ou non ?

    Merci en tout cas pour tout ce boulot !

  • Developer
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  • Tester

    merci, so far so good, le redémarre semble mieux marcher maintenant
    Sinon juste une remarque les caractères du type π ou Ω qui normalement apparaissent après la lettre Z alphabétiquement appairassent maintenant avant la lettre A, y'a t'il eu une modif concernant le tri alphabétique des listes?

  • Oui! La magie de Noêl !!!
    Merci beaucoup de ce cadeau que la Team nous fait aujourd'hui avec cette version riche en correction.
    Encore des bugs, notamment avec le scappeur ES et la gestion des "Favoris" qui ne fonctionne pas encore. Mais la version stable s'annonce bien prochainement. Bravo à vous les devs. Et continuer à nous faire rêver en 2019.
    Bon Noêl à tous et bonne fête de fin d'année.

  • @oyyodams Merry Christmas to everybody!🎄How can I update my existing beta on my Raspi3B+ -Multibootsystem? Is there any link online for inserting into the Recalbox config-file for just updating only the recalbox-system like before via menu, because writing a complete recalbox-image will erase my other 2 systems (Raspbian & Libreelec) on my raspberry 3B+ preferred SD-Card? (My games are stored on external USB). I don't want to switch the SD-Cards for playing.😉!🎮
    Thanks for help.🤓

  • Hi,

    Thanks for new release! First, in my point of view it‘s a good decision making a hard cut when changes in new version are too complex for an update. Doing a fresh installation is no big deal at all an I‘m sure it avoids mans update related issues.

    Unfortunately I also have to report an issue, Wifi still seems to make some troubles:
    It seems it connects faster and more stable than latest beta, but on my side there are heavy interferrences with internal bluetooth. I‘m connected to a 2,4 GHz network and as soon as I activate Wifi, Bluetooth lags or even loses connection until i go closer (reduce distance to <2 meters).
    Further I want do report that Recalbox (or Emulationstation) hang about at least 1 minute after first Wifi activation. No reaction at all. Already wanted to remove power supply when it suddenly has shown message „Wifi activated“ though.

    Thanks for spending so many of your time for this project, it‘s really great and I‘m looking forward to final new version. Especially because I have big issues with all newer 8bitdo controllers (random loss of whole pairing), which seems to be gone with new version!

    and: Happy x-mas! 🙂

    Please ignore interferrence issue for now. Rebooted my Wifi Repeater and it‘s gone for now. Haven‘t ever had such an issue befor, I‘ll keep you informed.

  • Bonjours et bonne fêtes@tous

    J'ai pas tout compris, Il faut effacer si on veut la nouvelle version? Pas d'upgrade possible?

  • @lhari84
    Sorry, have to reply instead of further updating last post, because of some spam protection...:
    Really have troubles with Wifi, connection just crashes when copying just 16 Megabytes of savegames by using SMB share.
    Can exclude a problem with my Wifi, all clients, including latest Recalbox stable work like a charm with my wireless network, so problem occurs with latest beta only.
    See screenshot (ping) too, in the end copy process crashes because auf connection loss:

    Also interferrence with bluetooth controller is still present.
    And I'm using Pi 3 B+ for testing.

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    @pattick76 please read the first post. No update possible.

  • Atari 800 -> RPi 3B = OK
    Atari 7800 -> RPi 3B = OK

    Atari 800 -> PC 64bits = ne se lance pas
    Atari 7800 -> PC 64bits = ne se lance pas

  • Hello I made a fresch flash with the Christmas beta and now the Dreamcast games don't start anymore.
    Anybody else have this problem?

  • Local Moderator

    @OyyoDams, @paradadf
    Dear All dev team
    Thanks a lot for all works performed

    Board : XU4
    Image : 2018.12.24.Christmas.Beta

    Issue : I can not connect with SSH,
    also, I failed to get support archive link 😞


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