Raspberry Pi 4

For information, Recalbox IS NOT compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 yet.
Pour information, Recalbox N'EST PAS encore compatible avec le Raspberry Pi 4.

The Recalbox Team.

Testers wanted: major system upgrade (Pi3b+, KODI 17 and much more ...)

  • Staff

    @zyphos there are a bunch of better and easier to use software for scrapping than the ES Scraper. IMO, the ES Scraper should be used as a last ressource. Take a look here:


    I’d recommend Skraper at this moment.
    You can easily scrape over the network with skraper, uxs and fastscraper (sselph’s scraper script) without the need of all the stuff you did.

  • @paradadf
    Skraper looks great but is still in Beta and not available for mac so far.
    Besides that I used sselph -as I wrote- not ES. (But actually I'm not that far into what the difference is)
    I think in the end the tool you use to get the xml file is not that important. Important is to understand where to put them and what the problem is.
    Most of us are not that deep into the whole technical thingies and need an easy step by step guide to know what to do. And I couldnt find one anywhere. So I tried stuff until it worked for me.

    Keep up the great work. Looking forward for the stable. Then all this hopefully is obsolete anyway.

  • @alejandro-torres, last week @OyyoDams said :
    "Hi all,
    We're now in a migration process to prepare the future release, and the git branch for the beta has been merged, that's why the update link is down. Sorry but for now no update is possible, we'll keep you informed."

    He should have edited the original post so that everyone can see the information.
    But I think he could not do it because he may not have the rights to modify the previous moderator substring post, and he must have a lot of works :)

  • Bonjour,
    Je viens d’acquérir un Pi3b+ afin d'y installer Recalbox. Je l'ai habillé d'un SuperPi Case (J) de chez Retroflag, et l'utilise avec la manette SNES du même constructeur (vraiment TOP, au passage).
    J'ai donc installé la beta, qui fonctionne dans l'ensemble très bien.
    Je rencontre toutefois un souci avec la fonction Safe Shutdown de mon boitier. En effet, lorsque je tente d’éteindre le boitier avec le bouton power, Recalbox sort bien d’Emulation Station, la Led se met bien à clignoter, mais le Pi ne s’éteint jamais. En fait, le texte "Please DO NOT power off Recalbox, please wait !!!!" s'affiche à l'écran, et la machine reste indéfiniment allumée, m'obligeant à débrancher et rebrancher la prise usb pour l'éteindre. De même, une pression sur le bouton reset ne redémarre pas mon Pi, mais le laisse bloqué sur le même message.
    Je précise que pour activer le script, j'ai utilisé la méthode consistant à décommenter la ligne " system.power.switch=PIN356ONOFFRESET # ", et non pas celle du SSH.
    Par ailleurs, l'extinction ou redémarrage à l'aide du menu fonctionnent très bien.
    Enfin, l'appui sur le bouton reset depuis un jeu produit bien l'effet attendu: redémarrage du jeu si appui court, sortie du jeu si appui long.
    Après avoir cherché en vain un post traitant de ce problème sur ce forum ou ailleurs sur google , je me permets de poster afin de savoir si quelqu'un d'autre est touché. J'ignore totalement si ce problème est du à la dernière version de la beta, puisque je n'en ai jamais connu d'autre.
    Merci pour vos lumières.

  • Is it possible to import the sega model 2&3 emulator on raspberry pi 3b+ and the other systems?

  • @dalittlebosssam
    Hey, Not a solution for your problem but I have the same Setup with the latest beta and the shutdown script installed and it works fine for me. So I think its not a problem of the beta.

  • Staff

    @zyphos I didn’t say you used ES Scraper, but lots of people are complaining about ES Scraper not working, and that is the most ineffective Scraper availabe.
    I’m not a a programmer, coder or have anything to do with software development in my daily basis, so you only interest to learn is needed.
    And what I pointed out is that your solution is over-complicated and there are better and easier ways to scrape. Regardless of you being on mac or scraping directly from the rpi. Check the link I posted and take a look at fastscraper. There are intructions on how to use it.

  • Music frontend loop

    When I exit a game, the song loops until I change system on ES. I use own music files on music folder.

  • Cant save Favorites

    Save favorites doesnt work. If I mark games to favorites, when I reboot, Recalbox crash. I force Recalbox starts and favorites games dont be saved.

  • Hi all,

    I have make a fresh install of the beta on my Pi3b+, but when I scrap no gamelist.xml was created in the folder.

  • @toniosj said in Testers wanted: major system upgrade (Pi3b+, KODI 17 and much more ...):

    Cant save Favorites

    Save favorites doesnt work. If I mark games to favorites, when I reboot, Recalbox crash. I force Recalbox starts and favorites games dont be saved.

    Yes, I've experienced that too. Using the latest beta on a 3B+.

    ES also sometimes crashes instantly when marking favorites (while I was going through a collection of around a hundred roms and after the third or forth game I was trying to mark it crashed).

  • @toniosj same problems, Save favorites doesnt work too => recalbox crash. Beta version is not yet stable. You have to be patient :)

  • Prompt why on the Chinese gamepad analog sticks work as a simple cross? When pressing home button it on the computer and retropie all switches , recalbox not be switched. What could be the problem?0_1545464592375_f1d891ae-2082-4eff-90fd-ec6f6b8e5eb1.jpg

  • Bonjour la communauté,

    Comment dois-je exactement mettre à jour recalbox.conf pour ne pas briquer ma SD ?

    1. Stop ES.
    2. Mettre à jour le fichier recalbox.conf
    3. Start ES
    4. Lancer la mise à jour depuis le menu d'options de la recalbox

    Voici le texte que j'ai actuellement.

    ------------ G - UPDATES ------------

    Automatically check for updates at start (0,1)


    Update type : default to stable


  • hello!
    i install recalbox from direct link PI3 B+ and i edit recalbox.conf like this :

    ------------ G - UPDATES ------------

    Automatically check for updates at start (0,1)


    Update type : default to stable


    when i ran update, an error message as show. someone help me ?

    or else, reicast does not lunch, i need to replace bios from others download here DO NOT POST LINKS TO COPYRIGHTED CONTENT!!!
    now it's work.

    and last, i need to set overclock on turbo or extrem mode to have correct fps rate with n64, reicast. is it normal on rpi 3b+ ? doesn't be more powerfull than rpi2 ?

    i will test psx now ^^

  • oh santa, what should i do?! :D

  • Staff

    Hello everybody,

    please read 1st post : Santa Claus exists!

    Disable updates in the appropriate menu. Until the final release is available, NO UPDATE AT ALL.

    Images links:

    Rasberry Pi:
    •Pi 3B & 3B+ : 1st post
    •Pi 2 : not yet available (compilation in progress, please wait...)
    •Pi 0 & 1 : not yet available (compilation in progress, please wait...)

    •C2 : 1st post
    •XU4(Q) : 1st post

    •32bits: 1st post
    •64bits: 1st post

  • Staff

    Santa Claus is working hard ;)

  • Thank you very much for that great effort. Congratulations to the team.

    Merry Christmas

  • Cette ligne "https://review-507-bump-b-0jn0c0-archive-review-prod.recalbox.com" et toujours à modifier ou non ?

    Merci en tout cas pour tout ce boulot !

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