Testers wanted: major system upgrade (Pi3b+, KODI 17 and much more ...)

  • Thanks for the update. wondering if HDMI to dvi is fully implemented, coz i tested on my old 19" 4/3 screen, and it just vent black. tested on my newer 24" also over dvi, no problem there.

  • @jesper-ammitzbøll said in Testers wanted: major system upgrade (Pi3b+, KODI 17 and much more ...):

    Thanks for the update. wondering if HDMI to dvi is fully implemented, coz i tested on my old 19" 4/3 screen, and it just vent black. tested on my newer 24" also over dvi, no problem there.

    After some more testing. im only able to boot up on the 19" with


    [DVI DMT (4) RGB full 4:3], 640x480 @ 60.00Hz, progressive

  • @OyyoDams

    I tried the overlock using Extrem mode.

    Recalbox OS (not only ES) crash after several second each time (and I need to make an "hard restart" by unplug my Pi).

  • @vincent-84 I use extrem too and everything is fine. I guess it depend on some boards that can support better oc than others

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    That's why there is a Warning when you select Turbo/Extrem O/C.
    There are many Pi manufacturers and they have all different quality checks. Some chineese manufacturers have no QC at all.

    When playing with O/C options, I highly recommend to put a good cooling system (at least a large heatsink).
    Sarting immediately with the Extrem mode is not a good idea. Start with the "High" mode, check if everything is fine, then try the next level and so on...

  • @bkg2k you're wright : that was an heat issue (solved by opening my superpi case and use and external fan for test).
    I had to add some direct fan on the pi (and change my case).

  • @vincent-84 you can see the temperature with the webmanager, over 80 degres your pi will become instable. I have my B+ in a snespi case with heatsinks and fan, lt's oc at 1500 and it's 60 degres.

  • I have the latest version of RecalBox Beta and Raspberry Pi 3B+

    I do not know how to make remount partitions as RW:
    @substring said in Testers wanted: major system upgrade (Pi3b+, KODI 17 and much more ...):

    • know the very basics of Linux:
      • remount partitions as RW

    So most errors are likely because of this.
    The following errors I noticed:

    • After adding the game to favorites and shutting down, it freezes on a black screen (below the build number)
    • In Locoroco (psp), the videos do not work, the sound goes. However, the game itself is going well!
    • After the reboot, wifi does not work, you have to write the password again. It feels like he can not decipher the key. :D
    • YouTube is not working in KODI
    • Saved to PSP did not work, but after installing assets in configs it worked
    • WinSCP error: Incoming packet was garbled on decryption w/ winscp (FileZilla works great)

  • @Gaetan thanks for the tip, I didn't know that (good) tool.
    Last crash (with case close) doesn't see any anormal temperature, have to try again.
    Maybe I was just lucky during my test with open case....

    What is the main objective of the "step by step OC" ? Seeking the maximum value of the OC for each pi or try to stabilized the OCing mode ?

    P.S.: my objective (and test) : running goldeneye64 (it seems to work but only at 1500).

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    A bug has been identified with some pads (8bitdo for example), making them work in Emulation Station but not in Retroarch emulators. We're working on fixing it, but here is a "quick fix" as a workaround:

    1. Restart the pad mapping
    2. Check before saving, and be sure L1R1 / L2R2 / L3R3 buttons are NOT recognized as "AXIS".
      Here it's wrong for L2R2:
    3. If needed, remap these buttons:

    Then your pad should work :)

  • I confirm, when we add a game in favorites, the screen remains blocked on a black screen (below the build number) during a reboot or during the update of the lists of games or white screen during the recalbox stop. In the latter before unplugged the RPI3B +, during reboot, loss of connectivity bluetooth my gamepad 8bitdo SF30Pro and inpossible to re-pair.
    But strangely, the fact of removing favorite games, the gamepad works properly

  • @oyyodams have your try without attribute any buttons for L3R3 ?
    (That's my configuration and I still have deconnexion entering retroarch)

  • @oyyodams My sfc30 pro are pairing and I can map them correctly the first time, no problem.
    If i map L2 R2, I can't play any retroarch games, if I map everything but L2 R2, I can play retroarch games.

    With my PS3 pad, i had to remap 3 times the pad to have my configuration right. I noticed that i had to map the pad very fast to make it. It's like, if i take to much time to configure it, I will have an axis instead a button in the configuration.
    Hope you anderstand this part :)
    Once it's done right, i can use it in game too.
    So i confirm, L2 R2 are messing up something with retroarch games

  • @gaetan Same on 8bit Nes 30 pro L1 R1 is sometime see as axes as L2R2 for SFC 30 pro.

    Bluetooth and Wifi problem seems gone for me.

  • Hello,

    I confirm. Despite several tries to plug, unplug, remap, forget bt config, remap etc..., connection stil remains lost between ES & Retroarch and this version is not playable with SFC30pro in wireless mode when combined with dongle bt (mine at least) supposed to reduce inputlag.

    Let's see on next update.


  • @vdeolive I have absolutely no problem with my SFC30 Pro on the internal Bluetooth of the 3+, as long as you make sure that the R2 L2 are correctly map as buttons and not axe.
    I have the 1.29 firmware on the gamepad

  • Hello Choum

    And with a bluetooth dongle, it works for you?

    I am using it to play with less input lag for game such as Super Mario World of Street fighter II Turbo where timing is essential. You don"t have any input lag on internal BT?

    Thanking you


  • I don't use a dongle.

    I have made some try on SF2 Turbo snes.
    with the l2ping command (to see ping time from the gamepad)

    Internal Bluetooth with wifi on : 7.75ms
    Internal Bluetooth without wifi : 7.99ms
    tested during around 140s (2-3 round each)

    It seems that the input lag caused by wifi like on previous 3b model are gone on 3b+.

  • @choum your conclusion about lags gone on B+ could deserve to be verified. On the B it was horrible

  • Hi, following emulators did not work in the latest beta version:
    BLUEMSX - Returns to the menu
    FMSX - Stop on a black screen
    HATARI - Returns to the menu after error message

    EDIT: RPI3 version

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