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For information, Recalbox IS NOT compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 yet.
Pour information, Recalbox N'EST PAS encore compatible avec le Raspberry Pi 4.

The Recalbox Team.

Testers wanted: major system upgrade (Pi3b+, KODI 17 and much more ...)

  • @gaetan said in Testers wanted: major system upgrade (Pi3b+, KODI 17 and much more ...):


    1. 8bitdo SFC30 Pro : Input lag
      As well i still have light input lag on SFC30Pro with internal bluetooth which is enough for RPG games but for Mario / SFII turbo millimeter gameplay its still not satisfying (i've ordered a BT dongle on the recalstore to try to fix that)

    First thing to do is desactivate wifi on your pi , you'll see a significant difference with your input lag

    I would suggest to use a dedicated bluetooth-dongle anyway.
    Because with my Pi3 even with disabled wifi i noticed a minimal delay.
    With a bluetooth-dongle the delay was gone. Also the range is way better.
    But this also depends on the bluetooth-dongle, because i once had a dongle, where the range was bad and it also felt like there was lag.

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    @joinski In my experience I can't say if a BT dongle will help, but some says yes so you could give it a try if you have one.
    Anyway, with BT you'll always have latency, the only way to avoid it is to use wired controller.

  • @gaetan

    Under some circumstances bluetooth can have less input lag, then wired connection, see here:

    But as already mentioned, it depends of the BT-Dongle, some are better, some ar worse.
    It also depends of the used Controller. Some Bluetooth-Controllers do have more and some have less input-lag.
    8bitdo Controllers for example (but there was a firmware-upgrade released, which reduced the input-lag a bit).

  • Hi everybody,

    I have this problems with the beta running on Rpi3 B+:

    • No sound on background music in menu (Pop-up appears while playing a song, in game sound and music is working...in HDMI)
    • Global speed is very slower when using the composite output: sound and video are very slow but "works", no weird things in the video or audio signal (@3fps it's not esay to say)
    • Wifi connection doesn't launch at start, have to manually shutdown and reboot wifi (not a big deal for me)

    Everything else works great in HDMI with a PS4 wired controller.

    --> If somebody has a plan to make the speed back with the composite output it would be great !

  • @mamouchka9 hdmi sound : it does work, but you can force it

    Sluggish on composite video : edit config.txt and remove the audio_pwm_mode (inmay have scrambled the words)

  • @mamouchka9 I also have the reboot for wifi issue on my pi 3+ for me it is an annoyance as I@m using a NESpi case and iot looks awful with the flap open to use the ethernet port

  • ALso as an update for anyone trying to get he xbox one pad to connect wirelessly: don't bother trying Microsoft deliberately (?) broke non official pairing in the last update stating it was a bug that it had happened in the first place!

  • Is it possible to force 5Ghz wifi on a 3+ with this beta ?

  • Used Rufus on windows to write image to SD card. Connected x-arcade tankstick and started raspberry Pi 3B+ and got booted out of games I would try to load. Re-mapped controller using controller settings > configure a controller and still has issues.

    Connected a pandora arcade controller and ran the 'configure a controller' and had no problems loading games. Link to device below

    I'm assuming this is an issue with the x-arcade tankstick but I figured I would bring it up. I have attached a link for the support file. If I need to do anything to test let me know.

    Raspberry Pi model: 3b+
    Recalbox version (build) : Beta Version
    Hardware (Micro SD, Power Supply, etc.): 32GB Samsung, CanaKit 2.5Amp Power Supply
    Controller(s): x-arcade tankstick (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000ST0184/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1)

    Support File:

  • @shinomen Well that didn't take long. I had configured only player one on my x-arcade stick. I got the great idea to go ahead and configure both player 1 and 2 and low and behold it's working! Sorry but thanks. :)

  • hello great job, I update to this version.
    I want to have custom GPIO.
    Can you send to me how to configure recalbox.conf ?


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    @darksouljedi Here is the wiki, you may find your answer there ;)

  • I tries to update the beta version and it crashed horribly, then everytime I tried to launch recalbox I obtained a black screen with a few lines of error...

    I want to try and reinstall Recalbox again but I want to make a Multiboot system (NOOBS) the problem is that Network install it's not working... It says somthing like It can't find the file on the server...

    Could this issue be solved?

    PD: I'm using the latest NOOBS that incluided Recalbox.

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    The easiest way to try a BETA version is to make some run and trials from a fresh copye image. I do not think a dual boot will be a good option.

  • I understand that, but I would like to restablish the non beta version, but It doesn´t seems to download from NOOBS, it can't reach the server... It seems the file is unavailable :(

  • When is the stable version for pi 3b+ ready to download ??

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    @bertl1005 Not yet, wait and see :)

  • hi ive tried this image & when i try to load games from a memory stick it try's to load then just goes back to the main screen is anyone else having the same problems from external memory

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    @daz did you remap your controller ?

  • @gaetan
    thanks for the link. But it only explain how to activate the GPIO map.
    I want to change the GPIO map
    I try this in recalbox.conf

    And in mk_arcade_joystick.conf
    options mk_arcade_joystick_rpi map=5 gpio=13,19,26,21,22,20,16,12,6,27,6,17

    but the nothing works after rebooting recalbox.

    Thanks for your help

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