[BOUNTY] CHD Support for PCSX ReARMed

  • Hello there, love the project, can we get some CHD love for ReARMed core, there is a bounty, we ar eat 40$ right now, tons of arm, android and Pi users will benefit

    Please retweet us to make some noise!!!
    we need all the help we can get and attract someone to use libchdr with ReARMed as it has been implemented in so many cores by now and double the PSX fun in the same space

    libretro has retweeted us, it would be great if retropie would help us too, reaching its great community:


    Some of the benefits the CHD support have:
    .-lossless compression
    .-15-18% better compression than pbp (this makes a bin cue collection almost half its size)
    .-its a streamable format, it doesnt need to decompress, just play
    .-its increadibly easy to convert entire folders filled with uncompressed psx games with a batch file
    .-every disc turns into just one file
    .-for copy protected disc (LibCrypt) if you have the .sbi file along the chd file it would work
    .-supports redbook audio in flac compression
    .-its becoming the defacto standard for libretro cores with support in mame, saturn, pcengine/turbografx, segacd/megacd, psx beetle and future support for dreamcast

    Thanks in advance
    Best regards

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    @rubenjavier interesting format, i didn't know Chd has so many benefits

  • Hi, I just read on ghitub the CHD support for PCSX REARMED. I hope it’s true and will be a marvelous thing thanks to the author. I can’t test now (not at home) but hope it work on android too (shield tv) great news if it’s true thanks

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