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    Hello Recalbox friends !

    We plan to redesign the website (you know the one that crashes every day), to improve the user experience.
    We'll take this opportunity to make it a new look. So, if some of you are designer, webdesigner, artist... and want to participate in the Recalbox project... YOU'RE WELCOME !

    We need 2 Templates :

    • The first template must keep the icon, logo and colors.
    • The second template you can do every thing you want as long as we feel we're in the retro gaming world (but at least keep the logo).
      (You can do both or just one)

    It will have to include already existing sections (blog, DIY etc etc), and add new sections : FAQ, tutorials and a wiki page (optional).

    We just ask you the design, no integration, just show your talent with a pencil 🙂 (or photoshop... GIMP maybe ?).

    Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question.

  • Good morning,
    I am Web Designer and I have a recalbox like all retro-gamers.
    I will be very happy to help you create a new design for your website.
    You can contact me here:

  • Hi.
    My name is Adrián de la Torre. I am a graphic and web designer with 5 years of experience. Also i am in a diy project with recalbox, my raspberry pi 3b and an old play station 1, I hope to finish in a few weeks!

    If you want contact to me I let you my email:


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