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Partition Usb Key

  • Hello,
    Sorry if this has been asked before, could not find it.
    I'm using recalbox on my pc with a bootable usb key. This is fantastic.
    It is using my PC'w wifi to access the network.
    I find it a pain to transfer my roms through Wifi, I was wondering if the following was possible : partition the usb key, save 8Go to install the system and having the rest as a data partition with just the roms.

    -If it is posible would it affect negatively the performances?
    -I'm using osx do you know how to partition a usb key easily?
    -What format should I use for the data partition?

    Thx a lot for your answers

  • Developer
    Global moderator

    @leprive afaik, not possible. I‘d suggest copying everything (roms and bios stuff I mean) to an usb stick and plug it in another port and use the file manager in kodi to transfer them to recalbox.

  • Ok Thanks for this answer. This is a good trick never thought of that.
    I might even not need the second usb key as kodi has access to the harddrive on the pc, that also coutains the rom.

  • @paradadf I want to add a [solved] to the subject but dot know how to do it

  • Developer
    Global moderator

    @leprive just read my signature 😉 but I already did it for you.

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