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[Amiga] - stuck at GUI with default GPIO controller

  • Hello

    I searched on the forum and a bit on google and couldn't find an easy answer.
    I know that it's advised to have mouse + keyboard for Amiga Emulation, but the work made on recalbox is awesome and I can play lots of games with my arcade GPIO controller (1 player, not 2).
    Only one issue : when hitting the start button, I am sent to the UAE emulation GUI and I am stuck.
    The "mouse" cursor can't be move with the arcade joystick.
    Anyway to make this happening ? to have the stick emulating the mouse on the gui to remain fully without keyboard/mouse to set some basic stuff on the emu settings ?

    Thanks !

  • Banned

    @bilbotorm not it's impossible in this version, it maybe possible when I will do next version, but it's not even sure, but at least you will be able to exit the GUI again with start

  • @voljega : if at least the emu does not remain stuck, that would be awesome, thanks a lot for the work, it's so great beeing able to play those gems 20 years later

    Thanks and keep up with the good work !

  • @voljega

    BTW : would you have some uae config file to share to enable 2 players gameplay ?
    Don't really know how to add my 2nd controller in the game :(
    I tried Lotus 2 for example, and even by adding Joy1, couldn't make it work :(

  • Sharing my finding :

    in the .uae, made it work :


  • Banned

    @bilbotorm nice thank you, sorry for not answering, too much problems in my life right now, and not enough time

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