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For information, Recalbox IS NOT compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 yet.
Pour information, Recalbox N'EST PAS encore compatible avec le Raspberry Pi 4.

The Recalbox Team.

[Theme] Clean Retro

  • Themer

    They could open an exception for at least the theme to be functional, because it is not due to the black screens when leaving the games, it's a shame as it is an incredible theme.

  • @nico-irano said in [Theme] Clean Retro:

    ok, so what i wanna Know, is : the Theme linked in the first post has this problem. Anyone has tried the theme on github? Problem solved? I can't find the theme....i googled it but nothing.

    Theme on github is emulga box and is similar with some new system added but it has the same problems. That is the reason because i've fixed the problems some days ago.

  • Themer

    @sheyk90 Have black screen problems been solved too?

  • @sheyk90 low quality background, but hope it works

  • @nico-irano said in [Theme] Clean Retro:

    @sheyk90 low quality background, but hope it works

    I konw it, but is the solution. Raspberry is not powerful...

  • @tarraske @nico-irano @sheyk90

    Found a good solution to all problems with this theme. Every time i tried to exit a game, a black screen happend(and ES got killed). If i set gpu_mem_1024=384 or lower, white artifacts started to happen instead of loading background/system title/ whatever images.

    If gpu_mem_1024=512 was set, EmulationStation would be killed by Linux Out of Memory management, since there was not RAM enough

    Solution to make this theme work:

    • Set gpu_mem_1024=448 on /boot/config.txt (64+128+256)
    • Set overclocking to 1300 inside EmulationStation (i have a MEGApi case and this, a working fan)
    • Reclaim some extra memory by disabling web manager, recalbox api and Samba share. DON'T do this if you are using a system where you are putting roms or tinkering constantly. Edit /recalbox/share/system/recalbox.conf with the following parameters: system.samba.enabled=0, system.api.enabled=0 and system.manager.enabled=0
    • Set static gamelists through the interface. Again, you should have a good rom list aready working cause new games will not be dinamically included.

  • Screenscraper
    Global moderator

    @nwildner gpu_mem_1024=384 is the default value in latest beta version, and will be in the next release.

    EmulationStation is never killed by any OOM manager. It just crash when available memory is too low or too fragmented.

    Anyway... there are simple & clever things to do in order to avoid OOM without cutting off half the Recalbox services: DO NOT INSTALL 1080p THEME ON RASPBERRY PI! 🙂 720p maximum for background images.

    I have a full system Recalbox and no memory issues when using a 720p theme.

  • @bkg2k said in [Theme] Clean Retro:

    @nwildner gpu_mem_1024=384 is the default value in latest beta version, and will be in the next release.

    Yeah, i saw that on Gitlab 🙂

    Since the theme creators can't post things here due to copyright issues, and i don't really think they want abandon the 1080p resolution on their theme, guess i'll have to stick with other themes.

  • Screenscraper
    Global moderator

    Puting the theme on mega.nz or any other file-sharing system avoid copyright issues.

  • possible de mettre à jour le thème pour la version 6 de recalbox ? ne marche pas

  • @recalbox45 Je serais intéressé également car c'est de loin mon thème préféré !

  • Bonjour, +1 pour une maj de ce thème vraiment très sympa, Merci beaucoup 😄

  • Developer
    Global moderator

    moi aussi plus que intéressé @FreemanQC !!!

    • 100000000 clairement mon theme préféré classe et sobre !!

  • +1 pour une maj de ce thème !

  • Team
    Global moderator

    Could be great to think about EDIT EACH FIRST THEME POST to indicate before anything... witch version of Recalbox is compatible with this theme.
    Like : TESTED/Works on Recalbox 6.0 RC2 (DATE OF TEST)
    And edit the post title, for exemple : THEME : Next Pixel (OK Recalbox 6.0, April 15), or THEME : Next Pixel (Recalbox 18.xx.xx OK, Recalbox 6.0 WIP)
    This information must be on the name of the theme + topic, to see if there is update avaiable for theme's users.
    And on the other hand, it's very important, to see if there is all systems supported, and not particular problem...

    What do you think about ?

  • custom mix image for scraping

    could you send me the image mix xml file for scraping in the scrapper program? pauloarquiteto@live.com

  • Acabo de probar el theme en la versión 6.0 y no funciona, se queda la pantalla en negro, alguna solución?

    I just tried the theme in version 6.0 and it does not work, is the screen black, any solution?

    thx in advance

  • Netplay

    @Fab2Ris on ne peut pas rééditer un ancien post (sauf le staff)
    le seul moyen pour l'auteur de modifier son post et de le demander au Recalbox Staff de faire la modification
    Mais oui ce serait bien que les informations sont tout en haut pour les thèmes ça éviterais de tout descendre 😉

  • A very elegant, beautiful and classic theme! I love it! I think it's not fully compatible with Recalbox 6.0. Is there any updated version of this beauty?

    Many thanks!

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