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[SOFT] Skraper

  • Revisor

    Apparently, the problem for 1941 disappear as it came !
    Thank you !

    And, for information, I created a custom mix for Skraper which is (or should be) the same than the Recalbox Mix 1 of ScreenScraper.
    For me, it gives better results if all resources (screenshot, wheel, box) are not in same language/cover/...

    If interested, you can download it here: https://www.proximuscloud.be/web/app/share/invite/kfzfLCeKdh

  • Staff

    @lmerckx I can include it in the next release if you're ok :)

  • Staff

    Beta 8 (or Rc1, or even first final release) is approaching quickly.

    Until then, here are link to latest semi-private betas:

  • Revisor

    @Bkg2k No problem, I share it to be used. :)

  • Hi!
    Didn't know this app until you talked about it during RecalBox live event tonight...
    Just tried it! Amazing!
    Thanks so much Bkg2k

  • @bkg2k Hi, is there any option to scrape (skrape) only games that haven't any metadata yet?

    Skraper is finished but some games have not been detected. So I want to do another run for missing games ONLY with changed program settings.

    In Emulationstation Scraper this setting exists, unfortunately could not find it in Skraper.


  • @lhari84

    Hi, try the "update" option:
    Bild Text

  • @abunille Seems to work, thanks. Now I have another problem:
    No matter what I change (tried all regions, etc.), Skraper will not find some games at all. It's only a few, so it would be no problem at all adding metadata in gamelist.xml for those manually, BUT:
    I'd like to have same picture style for all games (screenshot + system,...) and it seems it's not possible to download the png-files at screenscraper.fr directly, even not with registered account and even though these graphics seem to exist there for missing games! Any ideas?

  • @lhari84

    Ok, then the CRC and Filename of your roms seems not to be in the Database from ScreenScraper.
    2 options:

      • You can just rename your files like one which is in the Database of ScreenScraper.
        (Go to ScreenScraper Homepage, log in and search for one of your games.
        Click on it and look in the ROMs/ISOs field. Here are all filenames listed, which exist in the Database.)
        And on Skraper Soft:
        look in the "Miscellaneous" section that your "Database matching method" is not only "CRC". Use the crc, then filename option.
      • Or, after Scraping you will find a "blablabla missing.xml" file (dont know the right name right now) in your Folder. With these Informations you can go to ScreenScraper Discord/IRC, and ask if they will include in the Database. I dont know the source quality of your roms.

    And for future Problems:
    Maybe a direct contact on ScreenScraper Discord/IRC is the better option ;)

  • @abunille Thanks, solution 1.) works great!

  • Anyone has the same problem? The genre isn't scraped anymore. I reinstalled the most current verrion and had no luck. Examining the gamelist.xml the <genre> tage is missing entirely. A couple of weeks ago it still worked.

  • Happens with all systems installed, use Emulationstation on windows. PS. Also it ignores text case (always uses "as is" insted of lower case or uppercase.

  • Staff

  • Tried both versions on my Win10 64bit system. Both came up with "Games found: 0" on any system. Triple checked the right folders.

  • Tester

    There is a little bug on the latests version,

    when used through mono on linux, the gamelist are saved on the roms directory and not inside the system roms directory under the filename "system\gamelist.xml"

  • Sorry...I would post this in the Batocera forum but I do not see a thread for Skraper there.

    Is it possible to add an option to 'Append existing gamelist' (rather than overwrite or update)? Currently, if I set a rom to use a particular emulator (or core), that info is written to the gamelist.xml file. If I then rescrape a system using Skraper, those changes are lost (even if I have it set to 'backup then update').

    Essentially, if a game is already in the XML when you scrape, just pass it over. If the game is not already there, scrape it and append it to the bottom.



  • Staff

    @johnodon there is an option for that, just check the configurations tabs.

  • @paradadf Unless it is somwhere else and I am missing it, the only options I see on the 'Game List' tab are:

    • No backup, just update existing
    • Backup existing, then create new
    • No backup, create new or overwrite existing
    • Backup existing, then update

    In my experience, each of the above causes existing metadata that was written to the XML by other means (i.e. 'Edit this game's metadata') to be overwritten.

    Am I missing something?

  • Staff

    @johnodon the first or the forth, depending on what you want. “Update” is the keyword.

  • Is there a way to change the "Global root folder" so I can run a scrape for ALL SYSTEMS with that altered path? I often play around with multiple boxes at the same time so I like to give them different names, RECALBOX2 etc. The only way I can see to get around this (other than renaming the boxes) is to go into each system change the path and scrape one at a time starting each manually.

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