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50hz and 60hz with different Emulators

  • Hi i am from Germany so i Play PAL roms, so i set the Video Setting in the config to 1920x1080@50hz. Console Games like SNES or Megadrive Games now run perfectly, but Handhelds like GB, GBC, GBA and PSP need 60hz.

    So my Question:
    Is it possible to auto change the resolution to 1920x1080@60hz e.g. when the GBC or PSP emulator is loading, and to 1920x1080@50hz e.g. when SNES or NES emulator is loading? Or will I have to edit the config each time i start a handheld or console game?

  • @levingard read the manual, you can set per system video modes, for ex gb.videomode=CEA 4 HDMI

  • @Substring Sorry i forgot to write that i´m using an odroid xu4 so this videomode Settings will not work.

  • @levingard too bad, you can't change video settings on the fly on xu4, i never found how to do it

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