Problems with Zero Delay USB encoder

  • Hello all!

    First of all, thanks to this community that have saved my ass so many times! 😄

    I'm messing around with an USB encoder Zero Delay as in the image below:


    And I have the following problems:

    1. I know that joystick comes with a default configuration but I have had to turn around the joystick and I would like to modify X and Y axis.. how can I do it?

    2. To enable joystick, I have to plug a button to the MODE socket and when I press it, LED light change between red and green, I have to leave it in green for the Joystick to work. Does anyone know how to leave permanent in green and do not need to have this button plugged on MODE socket?

    3. I would like to configure buttons action from file configuration. Does anyone know which file is and when I can find it?

    Hope you can help me out.

    Best Regards,

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    Hi, I cannot understand your problem. The encoder is preregulated for digital joysticks, what you need. With "Mode" you can switch over to analog joystick. If you dont have, you dont need "Mode" connected. Why you want to change X and Y axis ? Turn the joystick about 90° or connect the microswitches in different order.

  • Hello!

    thanks for your reply. 🙂

    It was finally solved by changing controllers from main menu in Recalbox.

    I couldn't turn the joystick 90º as design did not allow it. Finally I could change it with the help of an USB keyboard.
    I read somewhere that I had to plug a button to "mode" socket to make joystick works, but I guess I missunderstood smth as it works perfectly with nothing plugged in there 🙂
    Problem with this USB encoder is that you can't modify microswitches in different order, as joysticks pins have only 1 way to connect. Solution is to modify controllers from main menu 😉

    Thanks for help 🙂

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