Raspberry Pi 4

For information, Recalbox IS NOT compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 yet.
Pour information, Recalbox N'EST PAS encore compatible avec le Raspberry Pi 4.

The Recalbox Team.

Recalbox 18.04.20 is out!

  • There is something wrong with themes.
    When i turn back to the original Recalbox Theme (I don't like Recalbox-Next) the system is freezing, stop workinkg at all. Just black screen.

  • originally used recalbox a few years back then tried batocera, thought it would be a nice setup but since trying your latest version, wii and gamecube run at a great speed compared to batocera. Only grip is the loading time is three times longer, guessing there is more under the hood as it is loading. Any chance .wads will be added for wiiware? I've added it manually to the systems config and it works but it's mixed in with the wii, could I just create a wii ware folder and assign dolphin to it? great setup you have going though!!!

  • @peanutwarrior do you mean dolphin can read straight away .wad files ? Please xreate a new topic

  • @substring yes. I loaded a Wii game first hotkeyed to exit the game to get to the dolphin emulator front end from there located the wad file as emulationstation wasn't picking it up for sonic and it ran. So I added .wad to the systems cfg and it runs fine. Not sure automatic scraping will work because of the different file type, but still nice collection of games available. I'll post a new topic if it helps others. Might be worth making a WiiWare folder.

  • @peanutwarrior adding .wad to supported extensions is like killing babies with axes ;)

  • @villaformer I have the same problem.

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